The invention of fighting for money | Fighting in the Age of Loneliness

We begin with the legendary encounters between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, the touchstones of this modern era of fighting. How did …


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  1. Myth: Rickson was best in the family

    Fact: Rolls was by far the best. Admitted by Rickson.

  2. This was great keep them coming!!

  3. ive watched this series about 3 times but i keep finding myself here again

  4. Yo what? This is so professionally done.

  5. You did strike a nice balance between ranting about the evils of wealth and power, with insulting comments about the average dude working 9 to 5. So well done there.

  6. Could have done without the cynical pessimistic political manifesto. By your reckoning life in the US is apparently much worse now than it was in say the 70s or any time really. As someone who has lived through all those decades in between, (while being too young to remember all but the last few years of the 70s admittedly) while there are always some ups and downs, the average quality of life, average level of tolerance etc have trended upwards in that time.

    You come across, in this video at least, as the type of person who is just miserable all the time, and blames it on everything else.

    If you're unhappy with the state of the world today and how it's just been going downhill for decades, I can't imagine how unfaithful you would have been with the state of the world in day the 60s and 70s. Which coincidentally are the decades just prior to all the ones you spent the documentary ripping.

  7. Ok I’ve seen Weidmans tattoo a few times the one on his back left shoulder and I wanna know what I means I’ve seen it on other fighters like Ferguson

  8. This intro and the music are so good.

  9. Kanõ Jigarõ – Kata guruma throw > Fireman's carry. West, West! Orgin stories! Blood sport. Judo

  10. This was tremendously well done! Very inspirational. The comments below unfortunately are the same back to back comment about Bois. Nobody but a few talking about the impact of the MOB and the honesty of a fist fight. The sheep mentality is on display

  11. I wish this video series had more views. It needs to be seen by more people

  12. *man dedicates his life to learning and mastering an art he deeply respects
    SB Nation: Haha white weebs are the worst amirite
    Overall though great video and this series is genuinley some of the best stuff ive seen on youtube.

  13. This is the result of what happens when people who don't know about fighting make a documentary about fighting. Left out that Anderson entered his first fight against Sonnen with a broken rib or that he destroyed Sonnen in the rematch. His only loss at 185 since Weidman was a decision to Bisping who many thought Silva won. Recently he lost to Israel via decision as well. Anderson is also 40 something years old. His drug test failure came after being treated by a doctor to aid in his recovery after shattering his tibia because of the checked kicked by Weidman. Weidman in no way knew he was going to cause such an injury. You make it sound like Weidman intentionally broke Silva's leg which is Fantasy Island stuff. Anderson's other loss which was at 205 was against Daniel Cormier on short notice. Daniel Cormier is also one of the very best and his only losses are to Jon Jones.

  14. This has a 80s vibe, and Iove it

  15. It gets weird around seven minutes in.

  16. I love how at 16:55 they just throw out a term like “promotional ratfucking” and just move on like it was nothing. It’s like a linguistic drive-by.

  17. I autoplayed my way into a sports documentary and got a phenomenally well written political essay.

  18. UFC 117, the first fight my wife and I ever purchased (think I'm still paying it off), we thought we jinxed it until the last second. It was almost worth it.

  19. Say what you will about Jon Bois but he does beautiful lyrical things with visual representations of stats and story telling. He's the Kubrick of nerd sports documentaries. I'm a big fan.

  20. U lost me w that felix shitheel lmao

  21. Say it again

    Helio Gracie was a weaboo

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