The pitcher Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa couldn’t homer off in 1998 | Dorktown

2018 means that the incredible 1998 home run chase between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa (and Ken Griffey Jr., until the calendar started getting into …


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  1. Seriously. Get over the PEDs. How disingenuous can you get.

  2. Haha Im from lexington ky and live the house that Kevin Jarvis grew up in

  3. Looking at that chart, there is one name that sticks out like a sore thumb, Kevin Brown. The pitching monster of the 90's no one ever remembers…

  4. How is it not fair for a pitcher to use steroids against guys who used steroids? That should even the playing field

  5. I wish they had factored in walks. I wonder if that would have made a difference.

  6. Mark McGwire was on steroids too not just the pitcher he couldn't homer off of.

  7. wgat happened to jon bois

  8. WWE era :MLB era
    Gold era : Babe Ruth, Ted Willians , Lou getli, ty copp.

    New generación: Hank Aarón, Willy mays,pete Rose.

    Actitudes era: Sammy Sosa, Mike macware, Barry bond, José Canseco, Pedro Martínez, Ken Griffin JR.

    Ruhtless agression: Álex rodriguez, arbert pujols , Manny Ramírez, Pedro Martínez, Derek Jeter,miggy,David Ortiz.

    New era: Mike trout, Brice Harper , Manny machado, Nolan arenado,José bautista.

  9. Neifi Perez put the Cubs into a 1 game playoff against the Barry Bonds led Giants. Gary Gaetti pitched for the cubs in that game. The Cubs won

  10. Ha….I loved that opening statement. So…….much…….irony !!!

  11. Sosa should have had 1 more HR added to the list against Hampton. 2003 NLDS Game 2 in the first inning. Was clearly a HR but they didnt give it to him.

  12. Their kryptonite was the Mitchell report

  13. More appropriately than ever: WHERE THE FUCK IS JON BOIS?!?!?

  14. You should do more Sammy and Mark videos my childhood watching them hit the ball was just amazing

  15. Dick Pole heads to the mound.

  16. You have to at least take into consideration that sometimes great pitchers can take a batter off by mistake while taking someone lightly cause you think or know they stink so don't give it your all and give up a Homer, however while facing great batters they know that they have to give it their all and pitch their best or pay, also on other side of things even a great hitter can have bad at bats verse a lousy pitcher simply cause they don't know them well and never seen or faced them so never get chance to get familiar and then smash them only having handful at bats total plus anyone can get lucky only for a short period of time is not crazy surprising

  17. Before I watch, I’m gonna say that pitcher was Greg Maddux.

  18. “I don’t think it’s fair that someone cheating beat them.”

    Both of the most famous druggy cheats smashing hrs off everyone

  19. Not to mention the fact that Sammy Sosa wasn't even black

  20. Drug testing? Same as Barry Bonds Rafael Palmero

  21. Kris Benson's wife was also super well known at the time for being attractive.

  22. Goalies that haven't/never gave up a goal to Ovechkin?

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