The Worst NFL Trick Play

While the Colts almost take the title thanks to their fake punt (or whatever you call what they did) against the Patriots in 2015, this title goes to Jim Zorn and …


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you! This has been driving me crazy. When the Colts play happened, I said it had happened before, and I couldn't remember who did it, and I swore it was worse. And my friend didn't believe me. I knew another team had run a stupid play.

    And it was worse. I remember watching this game going W……T…….F?

  2. I think the pass should have went to graham he had a line of blockers in front of him. Probably could have worked. Still terrible though because only 2 seconds left and too many yards for a non wr/rb to gain

  3. FINALLY someone actually EXPLAINS the Colts play instead of just saying, "They are the worst." anyway, we now have the Reich coach

  4. What about the colts one?

  5. Hey guys ignore the 4 receivers out wide. We're totally kicking. All 3 of us here down by the ball.

  6. Tha Philly special invalid formation

  7. GAME SITUATION! Colts did it down 6 in the 3rd…a close game that they could have won if they stuck to a normal plan. The redskins were getting rekked and had nothing to lose. Colts are worse.

  8. I assume it was supposed to be a screen to the kicker in motion?

  9. These are but far the biggest quality sports videos on YouTube. Can not believe you don't average 1 mil+ views.

  10. Colts is worse yet. That game had a meaning unlike the one you presented us.

  11. I agree with someone below, no. 87 who ran a slant right, could have been the intended receiver, but the passer was so rushed he couldn't throw there and just went deep

  12. Zorn already knew he was going to be fired at this point and people are convinced he just went ahead and called the play again as a middle finger to Snyder. Was the first game under Bruce Allen. "If it works great. If not, F you."

  13. I'm just going to say this. I was a middle school QB. I liked trick plays. Most of them were bad. 12 YEAR OLD ME NEVER CAME UP WITH A PLAY THIS BAD.

  14. Yeah, well..when these plays go RIGHT, u guys call the coach a "genius"

  15. Us redskins fans can't catch a break

  16. this is a good play because kicker did not get popped oh wait…

  17. Aye this video was posted on my birthday.

  18. Jim Zorn was a shitty head coach

  19. Swinging gate lol.

  20. Philly Special was an illegal formation

  21. What was wrong was that the punter had a panic attack and, in fear of throwing it out of bounds, threw it ahead of the linemen, who were actually covering for the kicker, who really was the one who was supposed to get the ball. THAT was why he was hanging out there. He was supposed to be the makeshift QB.

  22. 5:03 Braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaise ittttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!! ?

  23. I mean if they would of used a screen pass and the defense didn't use a time out

  24. Im dying of laughter and im a redskins fan

  25. Yeah, that Philly Special was pretty great 😀

  26. I’ll forgive Zorn for this monstrosity because of all his past success.

  27. I’m so happy it wasn’t the giants making the trick play

  28. I think the problem(among many others) was that the kicker/quarterback was supposed to throw the ball to the guy that ran to just stand there behind everybody else. that's why no one on the left moved. they were intended to be blockers(and since 5 guys were lined up in front of the ball against only 3 on the offense, it could at least potentially work.
    that is, if they hadn't already showed the other team exactly what play they were going to run 30 seconds before.

  29. Matt Schaub's trick plays that weren't trick should've been on here all of those ended up in interceptions ?

  30. Colts play is still worse, your argument is completely irrelevant. it doesnt matter that the Colts were hoping to catch them offsides once they hiked the ball it became a trick play, the undisputed worst trick play ever period

  31. Not one player on the Redskins was down for this play

  32. Lombardi was a staunch old school Catholic. He was buried, not cremated in an urn.

  33. You get a like for not mentioning that racist name of the Washington team ??????

  34. "Trickster Quarterback" ??

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