HC Kyle Shanahan Says 49ers Would Welcome A Trade Offer For The No. 2 Pick

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  1. I say this if Bosa is there I say no we need big time player

  2. Soli isn’t bad empire watch him film dude created problems in the middle like they woman lie men lie but numbers can look alil inaccurate regarding his play empire just watch film

  3. Why is passing on nick choka a mistake?? I asked this before still haven't got a answer


  5. Are you fuking kidding me fuk shanahan GET BOSA OR ALLEN DONT FUC IT UP LYNCH

  6. James
    The bears was 3rd we had 2nd

  7. 32:40 my man ronbo got a clear message for them sorry ass raiders my man's is hilarious 😂😂

  8. Bosa and Q. Williams are overhyped. The best defender in the draft is Devin White Lb LSU.

  9. Damn Ronbo you got me I was about to call my dad who was a Steeler fan to rub it in his face lucky I would listen to your page more I would’ve called him

  10. I agree we need an edge bosa ain't the guy everyone else in the draft played more games than em

  11. We need 2 recievers that play like rice and Owens.

  12. Ronbo you also have to think Offense and if we have high Octain offense with pair of great wide recievers that have speed then put Dante Petis back at kick returner cause I think every team should have really good kick returner who sticks just to job only because of injuries happening all the time.

  13. I say we get DK Metcalf with the 1st pick if Nick Bosa is gone and then get AJ Brown with the second pick then we have a great recievers to go with George Kittle.

  14. As long as they draft players who ain't injured I'm on board

  15. you get Josh Allen, at all costs. Bosa and Allen are great edge rushers, but would you have Khalil Mack, or Clowney. Allen is arguably the most versatile defender since Mack. we'll regret it if we miss Allen, Allen will be DROY, mark my words. just keep Thomas in the middle where he's good, and we have a potential monster D.

  16. People gotta get off this DK mess. Stop looking at highlight videos of him beastin out & watch real film. He wasn’t even the best WR on that team. I would take Brown over DK

  17. For the Nick BOSA haterz ya need to do ur homework 😉

  18. All them people who r talking shit about Nick BOSA, Nick BOSA is the last thing they wanna see on the other side. Nick BOSA is there at #2 he is a 49er.

  19. We won’t have to see nick Bosa if the cards take him anyway… he’ll be on IR by time they play us 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. We need metcalf, if the d-line comes along like it should with Ford opening up for Thomas than our next priority is someone for Jimmy to throw to seeing as there aren’t any early first round worthy safeties

  21. Lmao …. Ronbo is funny … he said take 2 of these and call me in the morning! !!!

  22. mile garret > bosa. garret has stats vs elite tacles and block shedding.

  23. RONBO Miles Garret had 31 sacks, 47 tackles for loss, and 7 forced fumbles in 34 collegiate games. He was amazing in college. Just thought I'd throw that stat out there since it was raised on the show.

  24. Bosa is the ANSWER to our edge rush issues. Dee Ford is not going to do it by himself he needs help. Bosa is that final piece.


    Shout out to the EMPIRE n Fuck Rudy 😂😂😂

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