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  1. The entire offense was out of sink the last 6 games. The oline was awful at times, WRs weren't holding onto the ball and Dak needed to play better. People seem obsessed with placing blame on one person, ie Dez or Dak. It was a lot of little things including coaching.

  2. People are not upset so much with Dak, as they are upset with all the fools that said that he was so good that we could drop Tony Romo. Stupid, stupid, STUPID people said that. Even IF Tony was injury prone (I don't think he is, just that he took some brutal defenseless massive hits), we still should have kept him. But mentally retarded people said, "No, we have our franchise quarterback. We don't need him." So THAT'S why people are mad. Not that he plays like a marginal 4th round pick. It's that he was anointed to be the Messiah when he really ain't. And anyone that says "it takes 3 years to mature" just doesn't get it. He's already gone through his maturation process. He is what he is. And unless we can recreate that 7.0 seconds of pocket protection – probably the most time a QB has ever had…IMAGINE what Tony could do with that…we're just going to be pissed and long for Tony.

  3. There is no longer any such thing as trade value. Adrian Peterson got a conditional 6th round pick. Cole would get a 4th round pick. A guy that does what he does – and scrap him for a 4th?

  4. I think a lot of the Dak hate comes in defense of the Dez hate.

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