VShred DEBUNKED: Channel Review

VShred review. This video looks at Vince Sant’s featured video on his channel with 2.4 million views. Facebook: …


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  1. I'm sure Vince didn't understand half this vid.

    Awesome as always

  2. what is your opinion about metabolic confusion and endomorphs ?

  3. I was so close to buying the V shred program. Thanks for the video lol I almost wasted hella money for no reason

  4. Came from Alan, I'm not an expert by any means whatsoever the opposite! but his statements are so bullshit even to my newbie ears. Plank is my favourite exercise and he can go to hell.

  5. I think your so called DEBUNK of VShred is ridiculous . I am a 61 year old man (look 37 ) and have been working with VShred for 8 months. I lost 40 lbs and have gained musculature that I had when I was in my late 20's . I follow other channels as well and have become an expert on diet . I don't understand why you are singling Vince out in your very particular attack. You seem to be envious of his following 4.2 million or so viewers . Even with your English accent you will never be the YouTube Star that Vince has become.

  6. well he does have a million subs so…….you have 64??? explain btw I love your stuff!!!

  7. He has porn vids online. He is a wind bag. He only works out for sex

  8. Hes jacked ur just a hater fucking nerd do it see if it works or dont who cares about what he says pretty sure he understands how to work out hes jacked

  9. This channel needs to do it’s research and not pick and choose what he puts on here because he does not know what he is talking about

  10. Lol i got one of his adds before the video

  11. You may have some points but its like you're knitpicking and looking for faults

  12. I took the quiz I found in a Facebook link for vshred. I told me I was an endomorph and that I was someone who had trouble loosing weight. I don’t agree with that. I am overweight, but I know I can lose weight, I have done it in the past. I feel that he lumps people into a generic category. You are slightly active? You want to lose more than 20 pounds? You must be big boned (endomorph) and have troubled getting off that stubborn fat. I’m glad I found this video, it further proves why I should never try vshred.

  13. Vshred got ethered.

  14. Let me just say…..my best friend has been on this diet the last three months and has lost 31 lbs. She has never been fitter. So all that mumbo jumbo you're talking about….I just debunked.

  15. I have to watch your video again while not playing clash of gods lol! I'm a fan of vshred channel he has great tips concerning workouts sometimes I really like! But now I'm lost! And btw you look like an Egyptian guy! Don't know if you're. Thanks for the video?

  16. Getting a V-Shred ad on a V-Shred roasting vid lol

  17. How does this guy stay on YouTube with you and and Every Damn Day Fitness nailing him on his BS?

  18. how many times does Vsherds need to get roasted before he will go the fuck away.

  19. I have to admit I watch Vshred because of the HIIT workouts. Sometimes I have the urge to burn some cal and move so his videos with the follow me guide is good. Like you said, I have also noticed a few discrepancies with the logic that he utilizes, doesnt bother me much because im not concerned with any of it. Every now and then though so its not like he is mostly wrong. Just a little over himself.

  20. Every Damn Day Fitness sent me here and I see first hand why. Good stuff man.

  21. Planks don’t even work your outer abs anyway. Not really.

  22. You clearly know what you are talking about, but it is clear that you are angry at his video when you are talking. Consider not taking it personal and your knowledge will flow easier. The moments in the video where you seem most irritated coincide with the moments you lose your words/resort to hand gestures. At the end of the video you talk about athleanX and your tone is much more patient and calm. This is also where your rhetoric is at its best in the video.

  23. I actually see more "Contractional" movements in his future! However, they will NOT BE ISOMETRIC, THEY "ENDORSOMETRIC" AND THEY WILL BE AWAY FROM HIM! **!!!KEEP UP THE EXPOSURE DARLING!!!**

  24. Was anyone else's AD also Vshred?

  25. I’m so stupid for not doing any research. I have been trying to get a fucking refund from vshred for going on a week already. His customer service is a JOKE. The company’s telephone number doesn’t ever work! I had to report them to the BBB. Save your money people!!

  26. There are a lot of videos with just bro science in them and if you are a CPT you can tell. That being said, as a CPT for NASM, our code of  behavior is to not criticize other trainers. I take that code of behavior pretty seriously. I could go on and on about a lot of the videos I've seen but I exercise control.

  27. The worst part is that this fucking guy actually DOUBLED the amount of subs he has.

    That goes to show how effective Instagram and YouTube ads are.

  28. Those who can’t, complain and point fingers….Dude, I dare you to TRY doing a FRACTION of what Vince does. So sorry he dumbs down his explanations for lay people to understand. No one wants to hear you…ugh!

  29. I subscribed to vshred today….well unsubscribing today as well lmfao. I hate scams thanks for the heads up

  30. Get'em!!! plank is amazing

  31. Alright let me pause this video and yell you why you are a moron. He doesnt have the best wording, but for not doing planks, he says not to do them for an extended time BECAUSE most people start to lose form. And when hes talking about using your abs and not other muscles, he means making sure your form is good and you arent arching, or leaning too far forward, putting unwanted pressure on your shoulders or your back. If you bother to actually watch and listen to the whole thing before speaking you would know that. SECOND, when you sign up for his program, he has gone and explained there has been a lot of trial and error in his videos and programs. Of course videos from years ago arent going to be as good as they are now. And incase you are blind, this man is clearly very fit. Meaning he knows how to workout as well as good nutrition. You dont get his body by doing nothing. Ive signed up for it. Im on the private female group on facebook and it is LOADED with weekly and monthly update before and afters of women showing results following the workout plans and meal plans him and his team sets for people. Different plans for different body types as well as different goals. Until you tried it, shut the fuck up on it. You sound like a jealous child.

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