Why the triple axel is such a big deal

Triple axels can turn skaters into legends. This is why. Watch the rest of Skate Week, and our other sports explainers, here: http://bit.ly/2FfxM17 Subscribe to our …


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  1. It’s so annoying how they only care about the tonya who did it in America she’s not the very first person to do it

  2. American this American that

  3. Yuri on Ice, anyone? Yuri is constantly trying to attempt a quadruple salchow, which is more difficult than the triple axel.

  4. Did Tonya did it or this Asian girl?

  5. The editing in this video made me nauseous ??

  6. Disgusting editing.

  7. Show the damn thing

  8. In anime the triple axel is common

    (Yuri on ice)

  9. “Mr. Gorbachev, Hadouken this wall.”

  10. Who edited this shieeet?
    Fire him.

  11. It kinda remind me if tricking.

  12. I want my view credit back. Two minutes in and I’m 💀 and still no triple axle.

  13. Right now I’m working on my single axel, it’s sooooo difficult

  14. This video is absolutely stupid. What did u learn from this ? … me, nothing.

  15. Wait wait that was 58 frames but how many frames per second is real life 🤔🤔🤔

  16. i came here after YURI ON ICE

  17. I went to the toy store a whiel ago and saw a new Made to Move Barbie doll and the one in the video is the same one i saw (except for the skating outfit tho)

  18. Don’t know why but the music in this video made it feel like a horror film.

  19. "A triple axel turns physics into poetry." Love that quote

  20. Sad, people only gonna remember her for attacking Nancy instead her achievement.

    Do good, no one cares, do bad forever remember it.

  21. I have seen people doing a quadruple. So this isn’t anything anymore

  22. Quite informative, I definitely know more than I did prior to watching this….the editing didn't bother me. I've seen the triple axel in many other videos on this platform.

  23. I love Tonya forever ❣

  24. Technically, every jump rotates forward
    You face forward and jump, but I only found out after I started doing doubles.
    Also, for anyone doing axels, I found it easier to rotate it you think of jumping onto a platform backwards, if that makes sense. Imagine going to a competition and going to get your medal for 1st place. Now pretend your going towards the platform forwards, and jump, landing backwards. Since its a competition, stand tall, use your core. 😊

  25. What type of world would we live in today if Reagan was cognizant enough of pop culture and video games to say "Gorbachev, Hadouken this wall…"

  26. Now there’s Alysa Liu

  27. Stop with all the pointless editing omg

  28. Am I the only one that know about Triple Axel from that disney movie Ice Angle ?

  29. I love how he uses a barbie to demonstrate XDDDD

  30. Wow that‘s boring

  31. I can't even do 3 turns when i skate.

  32. I tried that and I died.

  33. Triple axel sounds like a finishing move in a fighting game. "Finish him!" triple axels opponent "FATALITY"

  34. Why am I here? I don't even skate.

  35. I can do a teabagging


  36. Watching the movie I' Tonya made me watch this

  37. Ya know, I was going to take my first ice skating lesson ((at 14)) tomorrow….*throws skates out the window* I’ve never been good at science. Or is this math? Ya know what…I think I’m just going to stick with watching anime characters doing this stuff.

  38. All these people talking about Mari's triple axel but no one is talking about Anna Shcherbakova's quad lutz… hmmm

  39. Correction: Kimmie Meisner was the 2nd American to land a Triple Axel in competition.

  40. so ur telling me that a doll flying in the air is apparently a triple axel??😂

  41. How come women are less able to do a triple axel? I’ve seen more men land a triple axel in competition, and only a handful of women have done it

  42. I know less about the triple axel after watching this.

  43. Good thing I watched Yuri On Ice

  44. Triple axle — Historical. It brilliantly is!

  45. Still underwhelming compared to men’s figure skating

  46. Kimmie Meissner landed a triple axle and was the 2nd woman figure skater in the US that successfully did it in competetion after Tanya Harding. Mirai Nagasu was the 3rd.


  48. nathan chen, rolling up to the party: not anymore bish

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