2019 Dallas Cowboys Schedule | Review

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  1. I don't understand why everyone is scared of New England and Green Bay because New England lost Gronk and also their Defensive End and Green Bay is overrated and will lose more this year than they win.

  2. This coming season is actually tough. No back to back home games. They're going to be traveling every week, and some are back to back away games. Last year we sucked on road games.

  3. Dallas should win anywhere from 12 to 15 games this season. Easy schedule for the Cowboys!!!!


  5. Law… has anyone else noticed “how is it we play 4 division winners and 3 of those r on the road, new england, chicago, new orleans and only one at home LA Rams…. that’s Roger for us, thx asshole… lol

  6. 5 wins 11 losses is a real possibility

  7. I see us going 12-4 hopefully if dak takes that step I see him taking this year onky the sky and heavens are above us soon cowboys fans we will see that 6th ring

  8. Dak Prescott, 4th round draft pick, 3 seasons in the nfl, 3 winning seasons in the nfl, 3 playoff game apearences, 2 seasons goes to the play offs, most comeback wins since 2016 of any other qb, second most wins in general since 2016 only behind the goat Tom Brady, and can only get better yet still a lot of people believe he is a second string qb wtf wrong with people lmao I don’t get it maybe they just make decisions without evidence not I I will never lower my mind to make an assumption without evaluation.

  9. Law a full season with" Amari& Fredrick, Zeke,DakandD- Law,with Quinn..Man I got 13- 3..

  10. 9-7 / 8-8 Not because of players. But because of Coaching I think a few of them games we are going to get out coached

  11. Was that Cole beasleys sauce ? if it was it works on so many levels

  12. We need to go 7 and 1 in the first half of the season.. The second half of the season is gonna be top heavy and it will be a march. We need to lock this division up by week 16 and we need to get a top 2 seed in the NFC………So we can rest our starters last week and wildcard weekend . NFL is trying to gas us out before the playoffs..We have to handle buisness early so we can rest to make this SuperBowl push..__.12 and 4 or 11 and 5.

  13. 12-4 this season and possibly 13-3

  14. D-Law better be ready to crush it week4 or else he ain’t backing up his contract.

  15. Record could swing anywhere from 6-10 to 10-6 depending on coaching. We know what the players on the roster can do, depends on what the coaches do with it (usually not much)

  16. 12-4… mostly because we could be 9-1 when we go to new england, with the toughest of those 9 wins being the game before new england “at detroit” due to us looking passed them with at new england next… the worst part of that is if we r 9-1 and end up 12-4 then we finished 3-3… grrr

  17. Law, sorry missed the live!, I like us at 12-4 division champs, nfc home field

  18. I feel good about 11-5

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