Dallas Cowboys extend Randy Gregory's contract | Film Session

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  1. So damn talented. Randy has some demons with addiction. Knowing a little about drug addiction, it is very tough to defeat, so I really hope he can overcome this addiction. Rooting for ya Randy.

  2. Should the boys trade up to get a true all around TE: Noah Fant, TE, No. 87 – Iowa

    Irv Smith Jr., TE, No. 63 – Alabama
    . TE help run & and passing game, a big TE for sure helps efficiency…

  3. I think Mighty Quinn will be a great at RE on the run

  4. Nah, your name is Billy D.Harden! # Cpt. Colt 45 knows his name. lol!??

  5. It makes since to keep him if he is still on rookie deal

  6. Wow! I missed everything yesterday. Hahahahaha! I'm cool with that. he finally had a full season and did a solid job. I hope he gets it together and plays out his deal and wins a SB with us.

  7. With the addition of Quinn and the Extension of Greggory I think the Cowboys may be trying to do a Sign and Trade of D Law.

  8. They seem to be sending a message to D-Law, with the signing of Quinn and this move. Negotiating in good faith means something. The Boys may be sandbagging to buy time until the draft draws nearer and try to work a trade.

  9. The mighty Quinn is in B' D Im loving it' with D- Law he has sign, our defense gonna be off the chain.now LAw we got got to draft o_ line and safety,runnin back to help Zeke out..I'll like that D' end frm Texas..

  10. That's ok. We can have him come in on 3rd down situations, and have Robert Quinn play 1st and 2nd downs. Either way we're straight over there on The Right Side of the D Line

  11. Hey Law! Martymarr From Chicago. Yes I'm excited that the Cowboys are using their heads by signing Gregory. Hopefully he'll be back in the fold by the 3rd week of the season. If so I guarantee that he'll get at least 10 sacks.

  12. I don’t know. Why reward someone who is suspended half the time and is a penalty hog the rest of the time, just saying. ?

  13. Way to go Gregory! !!

  14. He sucks as usual Dallas is stupid.

  15. Good payday for being suspended half the time….
    Too bad I can't get that kind of deal.

  16. Chump change in NFL dollars… Randy Gregory is no Chump

  17. Law Nation calling Big Game James ( That’s Dam Bend).. Notice how Gregory Get after Wentz!

  18. tbh I'm not upset about this at all.Gregory is super talented and in all honesty he seems like hes trying to do the right thing.If the league ever relaxes the rules on marijuana he's going to be a real monster.

  19. How long is his current suspension for?

  20. Without watching film just game footage Randy Gregory should have had about 15 sacks he was the most held cowboys player I saw, because his get off was so deadly you could see it in game he was ahead of everyone else. He was a victim of some bad calls and some none calls.

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