Dallas Cowboys New Defensive End Robert Quinn (Deal is Done)

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  1. Hey Yong Wilson send me your address to nrllump@ Gmail.com

  2. They might have to go BACK to ICU with THIIIS offensive coaching staff.

  3. Were a coach away from a Super Bowl

  4. Idk law yu kno if he take one for the team, in 2yrs the cowboys will try and deconstruct his contract to over pay dak.. so I think he is preparing for that .. #thecowboysway

  5. If this was 2014 then it’d be a great signing. Think any hype over this move is unwarranted. Not sure he has anythin left. No double digits sacks or more than 40 tackles since 2014. Quinn isn’t the answer

  6. You let us speak our minds COMPLETELY, that's what separate you from the rest easy. Much love LAW.

  7. Cowboys thinking of trading Byron jones

  8. Doomsday Defense is almost back! LoL

  9. Until he signs the franchise tag he's still a free agent now if another team signs him Dallas has the ability to match or get a draft pick

  10. The cowboys finally are making offseasons moves it's like somebody took the cowboys off CPU Mode lol

  11. Can fans start go fund me pages and negotiate parallel to a franchise?

  12. Said it before true blue cowboy for life but jerry should fire himself as gm and promote will to gm ??

  13. I said when we drafted taco we should have instead drafted t.j watt however what’s done is done we have op to trade lawerence for 1 and 3 poss. And we could fix two problems draft Taylor rapp 1st rd and Zach Allen in second rd if he’s available not sure I’d take flyer on polite from Florida. See a lot of Gregory issues

  14. Isn’t it funny after every free agent we get y’all come on here selling fake dreams. He’s just a guy

  15. We definitely need a 1 technique BAD

  16. How do you trade Dlaw if he's a free agent

  17. Proud of the work you doing law

  18. The Cowboys will not trade CB Bryon Jones- It’s fake knows

  19. The Cowboys got a SB championship winning defense in the NFL

  20. The Cowboys Defensive unit gonna be Number # 1 in the NFL

  21. I think the cowboys will take the best guy available in the 58th pick

  22. The Cowboys gonna give D. Lawrence the money ?

  23. Trade d law for a 1st this year and we get dline

  24. Law….I swear to the Lord Jesus Christ, I was thinking that exact same thing early this morning. I was sayin to myself,“ kid are you nuts?? You can set your family up for generations” However I’ll bet anything that his agents is a conniving SOB, the only thing he cares about is Himself, he’s been getting bad advice. “Don’t get the surgery?”D-Law still a kid, when you hit your mid to late 40’s like me, you look back And you would give anything to know then, what you know now. Ether that, or he has to prove to the NFL, that he has the biggest ?.????????✌️

  25. Trade D-Law for a 1st. Round draft and grab Dexter Lawrence DT 6'4" 345 pounds of pure bull rush in a QB face

  26. D law is 27 years old Robert quinn is 28 years old hell yeah

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