Projecting The 2019 Dallas Cowboys Starting Lineup on Defense❗

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  1. 2.0 3.0 4.0 you cant stop the Nation

  2. First time here, I really thought it James Harden…..

  3. B.jones will be let go before j.smith.
    I think , j.smith is the heart of our Defense. Not tank. J.smith has extremely high football IQ and he will go down as one of the best linebackers in Dallas right there w LVE and and the best duo

  4. Dallas will not let J. Smith go. Even if he does what he did last year. He’s staying.

  5. The offense looks good personnel wise. TE, RB and playmaker at the WR position are all possibilities in the draft. Maybe a OT but I doubt it. OL with Frederick back looks like it could be special again. The defensive side could use some more talent. DE with Quinn on a one year, Taco and Gregory's uncertainty is a premium position. 3 tech with Collins on his last year and Crawford being the most overpaid guy on the line. 1 tech needs a run stuffer rotational guy. Woods played admirably but the rotation as a whole was just ok. LB is set for the most part. Depth is good. CB looks good on paper but with Jones in his final year it would be difficult to retain him given the contracts Dallas will be handing out this year. Brown is also in his last year. Safety is the biggest area that can be upgraded. Dallas loves Woods. Heath is a liability in his current position. Iloka is one dimensional big nickel SS. Thornhill and Savage are the best bet to upgrade quickly in this draft. Rapp is going to fall… far. He may fall into day 3. He had decent production but his measurables were god awful. I tend to trust the tape but in the NFL where serious money is on the line teams tend to trust their scouts who LOVE measurables. Kam dropped into the 5th but Rapp has some serious hype but I still think he falls at least into the 3rd as his pre combine hype saves him.

  6. It ain’t woods we trying to upgrade its Heath

  7. Heath IS a better FS than SS, and I disagree with Richard changing him. But that's OK. Cowboys are always finding out the hard way about playing people out of position, then allowing them to walk in FA and go ball out somewhere else. So much politics and personal preference on the part of those in charge in every workplace…including pro football. SMDH

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