The Dallas Cowboys to bring in Robert Quinn | Film Session

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  1. it will
    be nice season next year

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 Dolphins fan here thanks for taking out the trash

  3. Guaranteed over 10 sacks this year. When Rob isn't getting sacks he is still doing more indirect damage than most right D's. Rob quinn is a beast. Everyone will see.

  4. I love this pick up. Dont trade D Law. Gona make us top 5 defense. Makes whole defense better with his speed. Not only does it make are top linebacking crew better but gonna make job for are young corner backs better and create alot more turnovers. Cant wait to see this defense on the field. Im excited bout this upcoming season. Not far away from that trophy. Maybe 1 good piece away. Mite not need an all pro safty now that we can get pressure on quarterback. With the addition of randall cobb and beast fullback along with jason witten. Gonna wear defenses out by controling clock and plenty of weapons to stretch field now. Could be our time to shine finally. Ben way too long

  5. Robert Quinn remind me of Jason Taylor.

  6. Robert Quinn is nothing to be scared of he's an average defense end Lane Johnson old man Jason Peters will straight shut em down

  7. kirt not my cousin getting paid 84 million years of preparation but don't know when to step up into a clean pocket to make a throw getting paind 20 mil a year a guy falling to the ground…laying on the field!!! sacks you with one hand????…come on man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Dallas Cowboys making moves this offseason they got two big key players on both of the ball.

  9. Hope this film is new

  10. Annnnnddddd he is a cowboy now. LETS GO!!!!!!!!!

  11. The Pats always have a hard time against the Dolphins, Quinn is one of the reasons why. A VG pickup for us.

  12. You called it bro! Big ups. We got something special.

  13. I like Quinn over D-Law verses the run. During the playoffs I saw D-Law disappear at times when the Rams shredded our D-Line for 280 yards.

  14. Who did he play with last year

  15. Beautiful trade value for him! 6th rd well done jerrah!!

  16. Who else here because he's a Cowboy now?😎

  17. Trade Dlaw lets get into the 1st round, steal a stud.

  18. Hall of fame jason peters will clamp his stupid ass down #EAGLENATION

  19. We got him!!! Our D-Line is now the best in the NFL… DC4L

  20. He is now a Cowboy.

  21. HE’S A COWBOY!!! Big win for Cowboy nation. #BleedBlue

  22. Zizzlin boyz it should be

  23. Since we don't have David what will the do with randy

  24. They need to sign this guy

  25. R they tryina bring him in before the draft or during it in a trade

  26. This Guy On The Opposite Side Of Cameron Jordan Will Be Interesting,You Can't Double Team Both Of Them.

  27. Quinn would be a huge help on the Right Side! We don't do the wide 9 as much but he should be a good fit.
    I'd give up a 4th or 5th for him.

  28. I like this prospect for the Cowboys

  29. I hope dallas can make it happen.Him, Suh Law and Berry maaaaaan Dallas defense would be killer

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