Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott | Film Session

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  1. I'm shocked the first play was even brought up in this film session. A 5 yard pass to the tight end?

  2. That was a nice route and fake by young #86

  3. This was one of daks best games… I'm hoping for more games like this

  4. Under the right coach he can be the next warren moon

  5. Beasley was awesome during this game. Hopefully Cobb and Austin will be able to do what Beasley did. Beas was great at getting open.

  6. Dak overall in 2017 was a 6 out of 10. Dak overall in 2018 was a 7 out of 10. Dak first half rams was 3/4 out of 10. Dak 2h rams was 9/10. As far as what he is worth there is no clear answer unfortunately which could be a good thing. The uncertainty can be flipped to lock him up for a few more years at a lower price allowing us to pay other players. Dak is capable of leading team to at least super bowl but he needs help and a great defense. Dak is limited but top tier qb are not easy to get and any realistic replacement would probably be worse off at this point.

  7. Dak frustrated me at times with some throws and holding on to the ball too long, but I believe he will get better moving forward and will continue to improve, I'm totally good with Dak long term, if he stays humble and continues to lead, Go Cowboys!!

  8. I think Dak has grown and while he isn't perfect (nobody is) he's a fine franchise QB. I just wish you choose a game where they weren't playing the new Browns. I mean everyone looks good against the worst team in the NFL, and the Giants are without a doubt, the bottom of the bucket trash.

  9. I thought Dak played very well not only here against the Giants but also in the 2 playoff games. In the Ram game he showed some good poise moving the offense well against a good Ram defense. It's a good hope that he matured some in these crucial games. I can see Dak having a real statement season in 2019.

  10. As long as Moore plays to Daks strengths they will be good. Don't try to make him something he is not. Gotta take some shots down the field though. Too much speed not to.

  11. Should have brought this game plan into the Rams game.

  12. He’s perfect for this offense type.. Plus he is Mississippi thick. Never gets hurt. More ups then downs.. good job law, lay it on the haters

  13. Like i see film on Dak, n he legit.. But watching it in real time be hvng me doubt Dak somtimes.. Smh

  14. Love your vids man, keep it up!!! πŸ‘ on the topic of Dlaw, I would like yo keep him but man he can get us some draft capital…. That is a conundrum in itself.

  15. If we play like this and throw deeper passes alot we will be great

  16. Hopefully we can win with him because he should NOT be our qb.. just wasting good talent on other positions πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  17. Love these film sessions. Please keep them up.

  18. Good work Law man
    It's been said that Rayne Dakota Prescott cannot win if he has to pass more than about 20 attempts
    It's been said he has to have the #1 Oline
    It's been said he has to have Zeke
    It's been said he cannot throw for 3-4 TD's in a game
    Can he throw for 300 yards

    In this game without none of his probowl Oline
    W/out Zeke & w/out a true #1 TE
    In this game, Dak took the game on his shoulders, when it's said he cannot do
    He did it vs Philly, Detroit, Jax, Washington, ATL,
    And although he didn't have his best games
    The defense was a no-show vs Indy & LA

    2019 Rayne Dakota Prescott will make it β˜” on opposing defenses

  19. Law we gonna be like the 2016 offense next season but a lil better with all the playmakers we have. I think with Travis and Witten back the cowboys will have a great offense.

  20. So for all you people who say Dak’s not accurate…..I guess having the highest completion percentage EVER in the history of the NFL, the first 3 years straight out of college…..I guess that counts for nothing??? πŸ˜ŽπŸ€™πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

  21. Excellent film session bro

  22. More play-action, more bootlegs and RPO's…..much needed from this offense.

  23. Dak has many faults but he’s a winner !

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