Terrell Owens advises the Cowboys to replace Jason Garrett…. | Law's Review

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  1. T.O. Bitter he want it to retire a cowboy. We will see how good Payton is when Drew Bress retire.Cowboys been winning with an undrafted free agent and a fourth round pick.Payton threw 3 straight passes in the red zone against the rams bad play calling. If that was Jason cowboy nation would be calling for him to be fired.The saints fans want the NFL to replay the game all over again because of the none P.I. call it shouldn't have came to that point at all. New coach new players. Back to drawing broad. Cowboys need better assistant and position coaches their Doing that on the defense side of the ball now they working on the offense now.

  2. Unfortunately TO is the failed product of JG and SL…so in some ways he can address some of the problems.

  3. Speak that shit TO!!! Lol 💯

  4. No Dallas Cowboy coach is going to the over the Rodger Goonsmell Hump…with his corrupt officials and tactics to keep the team under all kinds of persecution. The NFL is a entertainment industy and is rebuilding markets like the one for the LA Rams. You people saw the Saints get blatantly screwed in front of the whole world. What do the Saints & Cowboys have in commom? Loyal fanbase and secure market. Anybody who doesn't realize that the NFL is rigged is naive and gullible.

  5. He might be salty but I mean he’s right on the money tbh

  6. Stevie Wonder picked Sharpe's wardrobe for this show.

  7. T.O. had the same temperatment everywhere he went, huge mood swings and locker room poison. Why doesn't he shut up and stay retired?

  8. Beasley, Smith, Fredrick, Martin, dez, Zeke, that's just offense

  9. Hey Law, i was like you i mean what the hell he got on? LMAO

  10. T.O spot on. T.O great football mind . He speaks the hard truth.

  11. dont like TO but i agree with him 100 percent

  12. Yes JG will take us to the bowl.

  13. Lincoln Fucking Riley.

  14. I think we are better off with Garrett.

  15. T.O laid down the truth. Damn I miss that guy. I never wanted him to leave. I have no ill feeling for Jason Garrett. He was a reliable backup QB to Troy. Even outdueling Brett Favre one Thanksgiving 1994. But it's time for some fresh hands at the wheel of the bus. And as the team is now full of youth, it's time for a fresh start at the top. Doug Nussmeier I think is the one to watch. He's been around. He has tasted success at Alabama. A heavy proponent of the run game. Which would be well for both Zeke and Dak. Nussmeier has been an OC or QB coach in many places. Maybe Doug Nussmeier is ready for a promotion. The moment so many have been long waiting for comes to pass could certainly happen. If so Doug Nussmeier may be the fresh face to take the controls as Head Coach of America's Team.

  16. Everyone is trying to make a career off of talking about the Cowboys

  17. I like when you make these type videos.. Good to compare opinions to Professional Athletes and Analysts!

  18. Shannon Sharpe , Definitely need a creative dress Coordinator l🤣🤣🤣🤣

  19. Hey Cowboy Nation, what Dak Prescott need is a oc to Play at Dak Mobile Ability . to be creative on Offense plays to move the chain 1 down plays 👉

  20. Fire Garrett

  21. Pride alone doesn't win you football games TO. Talent and yes coaching. Give Garrett his due cause he saved the season and his job. The players responded and played for each other and their coach. We already know why we haven't won and that's cause Goodell and his minions saw to it to prevent it. Everyone knows that Payton wants to coach the Cowboys and what did the NFL do? They fucked him and the Saints on a blown call that was so egregious, somebody should've got fired.

  22. Hey..T O.. you said a team takes on the temperament of their head coach what about you you never did? Every team you went to you were a distraction and destructive in the locker room it was all about you.. you are a fantastic wide receiver no doubt about it but it also was all about you

  23. The one time I agree with him


  25. Kellen Moore designed a play that scored several touchdowns, that's better than Garret already

  26. Needs a coach with better offensive background. That is not predictable,let him be real unpredictable. Be like that's was different wow that fooled me on offense.

  27. Garrett got dirt on Jerry or that's his son undercover.

  28. Sounds good to me. Maybe a change at the Coaching position will give a much needed boost, maybe Garrett Is the so called monkey on their back.

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