The Dallas Cowboys Newly Signed Randall Cobb | Film Session

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  1. He is gonna help dak improve

  2. Taking for granted we keep DLaw & add 3-4 more very good pieces
    We should repeat as NFC champs & extend to the NFC championship game at the very least

    I like Quinn, & draft 2 more Dlinemen & another safety
    Fortify the RB position to extend Zeke's career

  3. Dak is still our quarterback we are fuck

  4. You always need depth and good depth at every position look what happened in 2015 with Romo he went down season over of course whenever your starting qb goes down your prob not winning to many more games ??

  5. I hated when we played against him

  6. An injury prone wr will fix it all.?

  7. For a second I thought you was about to drop the hottest verse in 2019!

  8. My Brotha in Law….maybe you talked about it, but we have an under the radar problem, I’ve been tweeting about,.. but,..ain’t nobody listening. I’m nervous about our field goal kicking situation, Maher makes me nervous. Bye, Bye, Beasley got a better replacement that’s 2 million cheaper, & faster. ????ps. I hate to admit it, but Rodgers release is so quick, it even looks quick in slo-mo.

  9. Law….Bottom line….I like it….He's going to want to prove himself back….This is going to be good…Little more pressure on our boy Dakota…..????????…..Law get that film going boy, I love it….Great Work your putting in….

  10. Hell yea a sweet pick-up

  11. Law you realize we got a comp pick for anthony hitchens that was a 4th. He had 15 starts and 135 combined tackles last year. Beasley would have to have an outstanding year for us to get a 3rd. comp. pick. He would have to have a Pro Bowl year for us to get a 3rd round pick, sir.

  12. I get so excited, but then I remember that Jason Garrett is still here and Jerry Jones is still the owner. Just wasting these guys talents

  13. Getting nervous about Garrett now being extended, nice pick up!!!

  14. Dude you are seriously the GOAT cowboy nation youtuber. You have the god voice lol

  15. I'm excited about our reciever core . Hell yeah .

  16. Yeah NFL, focus on Zeke and Witten, Cooper, Gallup and Cobb will chew you up. Now let's get Berry, Quinn and pay Tank Lawrence and let's go get that 6th ring.

  17. Intro sounded like you were about to drop a fire diss track

  18. Law…if hurns is cut in August do they save on the cap?

  19. I like this pick up ,no disrespect to sauce but this an upgrade

  20. Am i the only one who kind of notices the cowboys have a realy scary recieving core… Like jay wit, cooper, cobb, hurns, gallup, and tavon… Like where does it all end… And if we couls have both duke johnson and zeke out of the back field ohhh shit thatd be crazy

  21. The experience and smart player

  22. I like the instrumental can I get link to listen. To it

  23. Kellen Moore should be licking his chops for the pieces that is on offense. So many different packages that can be ran…

  24. What injury did he have

  25. Well gone den ,LAW! Super bowl Super Bowl Super bowl bowl bowl!!!

  26. The Cowboys got the team to get to and win SB 54 next season

  27. Potentially a good signing…IF He is Healthy, I like his RAC skills, that is what He offers that Bease doesn't. Gotta Get a Impact DT with our 2nd or 3rd rd pick for the D to get to the next level, even IF they resign D-Law.

  28. Looking good we need him he's a problem in the slot

  29. $5mil/1yr is a sweet deal considering he's been more productive over the same period of time, he's 28, and he is experienced and effective inside and outside…and again he's not costing Beasley money with us having better and younger guys to extend as the dead money comes off the books.

  30. Damn, Jerry and Steven are making it hard to NOT get to an NFC chip. In Garret I trust ?

  31. Im excited about this signing

  32. If i believe we don't have our 6 pick cause we used it in the trade for Bene Benwikere last year

  33. It may change the draft picks by the Cowboys. The fact that we are looking to sign a Safety(Berry or Gaethers). The fact that we have signed two for the DL with Hyder and Covington makes me wonder if the Boys are looking to put their picks together and move up in the draft for a quality player on Defense. They have Quinn and McDowell also coming through so that is significant to me.

  34. I like this move. A seasoned veteran who has been in big games. This is an upgrade to an already impressive skill set on offense. And it could potentially take defenders away from Cooper, Gallup, and an emerging Blake Jarwin at TE. Giving Dak some pretty good options. Once the OL is fixed, this offense should an explosive unit.

  35. I can’t wait ? to see this offense … Danger Danger ⛽️?

  36. Man cowboys should be ready if these players are healthy, getting these pieces we need

  37. Love how the cowboys are getting upgrades over players we lost

  38. About time it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out!

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