The Cowboys Round Table Talk With AKOYE, FootsDaKing & Voch Lombardi

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  1. I love when real brovas that's cowboys fans link up& discuss such. My man Akoye knows this! Big up brovas, I will always listen & support u brovas! Just keep it wit y'all tho;'-)

  2. Wow ! ..let's please do another round table party like this again very soon !! ..this was da Fun … this was da Bomb ! (:

  3. i tend to agree with Foots; Sean Lee was a good player but just has not had the longevity enough to consider him " elite" ironically once Lee moved away from middle LB, the turnovers really went down to almost zero. Could have been/Should have been.. but Lee has never been elite. Elite makes you HOF, Lee is not a Hall of Famer.

  4. mcCoy will be 31 years old in a few weeks, i really doubt cowboys will go after an in-the-trenches player that old

  5. gerald mcCoy maybe damaged goods , hurt often and disappear in too many games for one of his skill set, its a reason why Bucs maybe cuttng him loose after June 1sts, and Cowboys will go for more younger, more durable long term solution

  6. Good show Fam! Appreciate all y'all.
    All the best.

  7. Rod smith is not an instinctive creator, he needs the line to win him some holes wide for him to make any plays, we need a RB that can create on the move, see and hit holes immediately and can make tacklers miss , isn't hesitate and dancing at line like Rod does.

  8. Ur an idoit collectively

  9. We only need a back if Zeke leaves. While he's here he's our Emmitt. Emmitt didn't come off the field only for a breather that's it

  10. SLEE did not play better than LVE in the Rams game… What is Akoye talking about? Did he even watch the game? The Rams started scoring TD's once LVE was out the game.. It was 7-6 in the 2nd Qtr.. Akoye has no idea what he is talking about

  11. Yo…I love love Sean Lee…but he is NOT better than Luke. Yall buggin.

  12. I agree with Voch I want OL in the 2 round. The stronger that OL is the harder it is to get the Boy's off the field.

  13. Foots outlook on tavon…bro I disagree too much not to voice my opinion lol do not part ways with tavon. I like bease but he will go to be paid so we draft his replacement. Tavon will get the ball 3 times especially a game and score 1 or 2 times. That's like Amari lol cole I'd like to see stay but the money will be the issue. If tavon sits 3qtrs of the season like last year then ship him off. But when these fellas talk foots comes out of nowhere with an Outlook that is a terrible angle. Foots…cmon man! Everything you say makes me cringe lmao

  14. This was hard to watch foot has to go man

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