The Dallas Cowboys Offense Match-Up Against The Seahawks Defense | Law's Review

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  2. No what I can't stand when so called fan's leave comments and it's nothing but negative instead at looking at the postive,people make mistake a good player he will be ready or would you ready have eli apple back there some of y'all make me wonder.

  3. Time to move on from Irving…..

  4. Law… i cannot figure out david irv… who the hell doesnt wanna make millions of dollars a year??? And with him in there this defense is instantly a superbowl defense cause the ONLY thing this defense is missing is pressure up the middle in the qb’s face.. with him and crawford in the middle lawrence and gregory on the ends then jaylon and lve doing what they can do at lb… DAMN… who the hell would rather flip burgers at mcdonalds than be a part of that making millions… I DONT UNDERSTAND

  5. Youre Great i always enjoy

  6. Sadly, my concern is that the worst part of the defense… player for player is the defensive line. Seattle will run successfully if Dallas doesn’t run blitz. Stop the run, and don’t turn the ball over and win.

  7. I truly hate when someone brings up rankings when previewing games…yeah the Seahawks are number 1 in Rushing but has anyone really looked at the Rushing Defenses they have faced??? Truly horrible, especially from their own division where they averaged 192 Yards in 6 games. They were only 3-3 in those games and lost games where they rushed for 273 and 190. Cowboys even outrushed them by 50 Yards. Avg yards per game means very little now and won't decide this game.

  8. I like your show. You should cut up highlights that are 3 mins long and also post. Will grow your subscribers

  9. The Cowboys beat the Seahawks…. the rest of the NFC teams remaining – IN BIG TROUBLE!! Our Dallas Cowboys will be the MOST DANGEROUS team in the post season!

  10. Sea gave up 6 sacks to Arizona ijs

  11. Mark Holmes > Voch lomboring

  12. You the man Law Nation. Other than the NFL channel, you are one of the few people worth listening too. Love your analysis.

  13. They say we 1And done haters keep on doubting us

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