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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Dak needs a LeBron james type lining lmao

  2. Dak keep Working Out A fit body Is A SUPERBOWL body bro Cowboys Nations baby

  3. Dak don't listen to them Cowboys Hater they wish they was us because we about 2 Win these Rings in 2020

  4. I need to make a video of you telling James harden….that you are his fatyer……star wars style!! YOU ARE THE MAN LAW!!

  5. Ok Moore is it. Nothing we can do about it now. If he is as good as those inside the team say then he is going to fix the red zone issues or on the flip side as you say growing pains how long will that process take. We know the Cowboys can compete, can they do like the Patriots and exploit an opponents weakness and score regardless. Beasley moves the chains if you let him.

  6. c'mon people sub up if you're not obviously, lets push the Lawman up over that 5k mark!!! ▪☆☆☆▪

  7. We were upset about LVE and look how that turned out? We will have to wait and see what Kellen Moore brings to the table.

  8. Everyone is saying good things about him they all can't be wrong…..

  9. They are funny! Let's. Get It COWBOYS!!💋

  10. Dak's interview is kinda of funny and sarcastic at the same time but I like it. I am excited and optimistic about next season because now opposing DCs have to be prepared for a new Cowboys team. Will the offense philosophy change or have new wrinkles, will it just be new and have college concepts, more RPOs, what will they look like? DCs have to get ready and so do we Cowboys Nation, I'm ready to see what we will look like. Same HC, yeah, but different mind set, with the element of surprise on our side.

  11. The one possible silver lining with KELLEN MOORE as OC is DAK is the only ALPHA MALE in the room (Garrett/Moore/Dak) in terms of Offensive scheme/game planning. That might result in Dak imposing his will more & calling plays more suited for his style of play. Based on that anemic strategizing displayed at the Pro Bowl, Moore should be inclined to allow DAK the freedoms to institute his own scheme. It's been very successful in his short career thus far.

  12. That was like watching an old Kung Fu movie

  13. Dak was not honest about amari Cooper he brought success to Dallas. That was bullshi-

  14. Well, I wanna believe in the process,BUT! Kellen Moore?😥

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