Don’t worry about the noise!!! Dallas Cowboys VS LA Rams

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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Law is a family man

  2. I’m all for Jerry being able to spend his money however the heck he wants to, I just wish his heart was in a different place. Not saying that Jerry isn’t philanthropic, but if you’ve got $250mil burning a hole in your pocket there are a lot of people in need of help. But again, do you Jerry, it’s your $. I’d just feel sick to my stomach spending that kind of money on a fancy boat.

  3. Why does people so crazy about what jerry bought like seriously it's his money he can do whatever he wants with his money

  4. Right law we need to stay focus on the RAMS

  5. u going live tonight?

  6. Cowboys are making noise and history. I like Cowboys chances against Rams. Edge Cowboys! Jerry Jones is just being Jerry" Salute" Yes Sir!

  7. We gotta punch the rams in the mouth from the jump

  8. @Lawnation you should do a video on this 1 segment

  9. If you put pressure on Goff he will fold like a blanket. Just like in the bears game.

  10. Law Nation Hassleback are Egg Heads.Not Matt younger Bruh sit on bench for years. Pick up pay check ,

  11. All we need to worry about is taking care of the rams on Saturday night! DC4L

  12. We going to bully the Rams.

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