Kellen Moore is Cowboys new HC in waiting????

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  1. I have no idea why Cowboys fans believe Kris should be our HC. His stubborness to just run his scheme and not change up anything against the Rams is likely why the Rams were in the Superbowl and not us.

  2. NO HE'S NOT. Kris Richard is. He's why Garrett didn't get a contract, 2020 is gonna be Richard's Cowboys. Moore will still be OC if he does good in 2019, which I think he will. Moore IS VERY creative.

  3. Please. If he does a good enough job to get the HC job then he will need to leave because he just helped the Team/Garrett win the Superbowl.

    Cautiously optimistic about him.

    He has the respect of his players, owners and other coaches.

    Now well see if he's all they say he is.

  4. Kellen could have fire, intensity, and innovation that everyone talks about. The problem is nobody is giving him the chance to show it. They see a noodle armed "where's waldo" looking kid and judging him off that immediately without sitting back and rationalizing why everyone that he has ever worked with or played with hypes him up as a coach. Maybe the pros who work with him day in and day out know much more than us fans?……If he fails, he fails…but at least we can say we checked those lotto numbers before throwing the ticket in the trash right?

  5. it would have to work out perfectly for Kellen for him to get promoted to head coach.

  6. LAW I love what cooper said because that means he's focus on bring a championship back to COWBOYS NATION…..

    Please do Xavier Woods highlights…

  8. I believe the Cowboys will win back 2 back SB games, beginning with 54 and 55 SB games in the NFL

  9. Look at it, Kevin Moore as a quarterback garbage, as a quarterback coach garbage. Now what makes anyone think he is going to be successful as a offensive coordinator or even a head coach … stop dreaming

  10. I hope not it should be kris richard he has that fire intensity & discipline

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