Cowboys Trade for Robert Quinn! (What does this mean for D law?)

I love the Cowboys trading for Robert Quinn… What does this mean for DeMarcus Lawrence? Here’s the link to the Cowboys Huddle: …


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  1. If we loose D Law, we're gonna regret it.

  2. Yoooo!!! I live in Fairfax bro!!! DC4L

  3. Good bye damarcus law bye??????

  4. Man you cowboys are done for years to come. My late brother was a Cowboys fan… But I'm a Higgins,Callaway,Chubb, Avery,Ogunjobi and a Ward fan lol. I didn't even get to our big names lol. We'll give you a 2nd rd pick,ogbah and duke Johnson for Lawrence, how about that?

  5. Dawg Pound!!! Then you all should have traded him to us a long time ago…

  6. Isn't Quinn washed up that's so funny bro

  7. Any cb in the draft that could fill the safety position

  8. Yeah this whole thing sucks because as a fan it puts ur mental confidence on the upcoming season in a whirlwind! Cause it's the WR thing all over again! DLAW is lucky Gregory f****d up and Taco hasn't become what we thought he might! DLaw, COME ON MAN!

  9. Get your as out my city… HTTR

  10. Can the Cowboys get 2-1st round, 1-3rd round, & 1-5th round picks for DLaw? If not, then he shouldn't be asking for Mack money! Come on Tank, take the $20m/$60m gtd and take your D to the next level with the new War Daddy bookends AND LETS WIN THIS!!

  11. Draft Picks ain't all pros. You are being niave. 3 year production says D-Law out produced Mack. Facts.
    And Cowboys ain't trading D-Law.

  12. If the cowboys originally said no to $20 mil per year then what are they doing? Lawrence is totally worth that amount and its less than what his franchise tag is worth. They should have jumped all over it if he asked for $20 mil.

  13. Means nothing for dlaw. He is Gregory's replacement

  14. Phins fan here. I really hope Quinn does amazing for y'all. For no other reason than the better he does, the better pick we get from you guys

  15. You wrong bro,COWBOYS need to stop waiting to pay that player when he could have been cheaper last year or months ago!

  16. Dont think they should trade d law but if they do they need to draft Montez sweet or Dexter Lawrence

  17. That’s what I said before the Robert Quinn trade , Ed Oliver would be a good draft pick even though he’s a DT

  18. Chill with the Lawrence Taylor comparension Taylor was a LB

  19. DLAW ain't getting us 20 sacks a season. W.W.B.D. "What Would Belichek Do"

  20. Haaaaaaay Foots, Quinn is a great pickup. DLAW is very good and I'd hate to lose him BUT, I'm ok with trading him for a 1st & a 3rd, and use that 20 million on several other players. He's gonna end up freezing his azz off in Buffalo if he keeps acting like he's L.T.

  21. What if Tank signs the franchise tag and doesn't get surgery until near the season start?
    If so, he will spend the year on IR and fulfill his promise not to play on the tag.

  22. Foots what’s good my brother ???? let’s go Cowboys

  23. Let him walk. He's not worth 20 million dollars

  24. Colts will not be interested in trading for Lawrence at all. They just signed Houston, and their GM values draft picks more than most. We have very little market to trade him. This contract has to get done right or it could derail this season for us. Quinn was a great sign! But it doesn't save us.

  25. It's time for d law to go. Trade d law n get back in the 1st round with a 2nd or 3rd. N try to snag one these young pass rushers and a safety

  26. Beautifully Said , D Law is nice . Not worth the over pay .

  27. D-law kick rocks!!!

  28. I completely agree foots. DLaw is a hell of a cowboy but he is not putting up Mack/Donald numbers, and he isnt impacting the game the way that these guys do. Through out a season DLaw has a good game once every 3to4 games and then disappears. He should get paid and if it is from the Cowboys, I think much of the contract should be incentive based because there have also been some health concerns in the past. If we do trade, we should keep our eyes on a team that has a high 2nd or 3rd round pick because it wouldnt make much sense to trade for a later pick in those rounds. I especially want a high 2nd rd pick cause I want either Abram or Adderly!

  29. Knowing the Jones's they'll just release him

  30. Yo Foots im with u on D-LAW, he isn't a super star point blank but i want him on the team but 4 the rite price ?

  31. I would do what Old man from pawn stars would do when dealing with a greedy difficult customer…Go down on the price.

  32. I don't think he cares about the rings, that or he doesn't realize they're trying to build a SB or bust team.

  33. Agree 100% with ever thing you said. It would be nice to have Quinn and tank, but not if he/his agent are being unreasonable. I heard he wants the inflated von contract. And not at the price of 1 or 2 of the other keys players that have to be signed next year. If its not done by the draft you gotta get a 1 to and more to make up for it.

  34. Awesome signing and a good off season season this year in free agency

  35. After 23 years, I am finally confident in Cowboys Super Bowl chances and future stability. Finally!!!!

  36. Great work my bro

  37. D-LAW is not worth 23 million if he's listening to his agent better look at L-BELL agent that LOST him 14 million last year.?

  38. I'm tired of all these NFL players wanting more millions. If you manage your money right, invest, don't get sucked up into big purchases like huge house, expensive car and boat, stay away from booze and drugs, then $20 m is enuf to set you up for life.

  39. He’s now like oh shit…….. they have the leverage!
    Trade his ass and get picks then trade picks etc to a team that may have a DE that’s going to want money next yr……not what DLaw May want

  40. Foots th' King
    Blessings my Yung Warrior & Entrepreneur
    Below is a comment I left for Voch & I'll be addressing others likewise
    Tell me what you think please sir
    I really like the way you laid this one all out
    Respectfully, honestly, & to the point
    Continue onwards Foots

    Great lineup scenarios Yung Gun
    I like your approach

    Question :
    What are the odds we
    #1-Pay DLaw handsomely
    #2a-Dlaw gets surgery & rehabs
    #2b-Play him as expected & allow him to flourish once again
    #3-Trade him for increasing our stock 2020 off-season
    I'm for extending DLaw
    If it's TRUELY too rich for us financially
    And instead of losing out this year
    We'd get him healthy enough to regain his value
    Salvage this seasons deep playoff run chances
    #4-Get premium picks and or players in return6

    This way we end up paying the " Too much " for 2 year only to get back via trade etc
    Again this is hypothetically if we need him but don't wanna change this year without his services

    I conclude with
    I really rather something get's worked out that pleases both us & DLaw

    What do you think about the FO taking this secret-approach ?

    I'll be posing this scenario to other platforms & Youtubers as well


  41. If these players wanna win and build something lasting they need to take a little less then market value to keep the gang together. No talkin like 3-4 million less just enough to put back in the pot for everyone else. Dak included this will prob be the first of two 100mil plus contracts. He’s only 26 so he will have another contract yr so he should take a little less this first time to keep his boys together. Or the y can be selfish and try to break the bank with their contracts and the team will have to start cutting ppl in their prime. Then we will be going backwards in the win department

  42. Doomsday Defense is back! LoL

  43. I trade DLaw in a heartbeat. Right now it's just greed on his part. See how he likes being on some bottom dwelling team for a few extra bucks.

  44. I told you guys to get rid of D.Law months ago before the dumb ass Cowboys offered him 20 mil. per year.
    No DE is worth 20 mil a year- get that through your thick heads. You need to spend your money wisely with balancing all the team's money accordingly. A good DE should not cost you more than 10 mil per year -PERIOD. If you pay more than that than other positions will be compromised. Remember the player inside the helmet is not as important as the star on his head. Players come & go & when they go say -good riddance. We couldn't win with D.Law so why pay him more money? We should pay him less. LOL. seriously trade him for a #1 pick – He will only get worst next year. Once they get the contract they usually play worst. If it was me as GM -I would offer him 10 mil a year guaranty and for every sack after the first 10 sacks I would give him an extra mil. that means if he gets 20 sack next year he would earn 20 mil . if he gets 30 sacks he would earn 30 mil that year. Prove you're worth the money D.Law !!!!!!

  45. Trade him the the jets for the third overall pick then trade back in the first round for more picks. We also could trade him to the bucs. We also could trade La’el Collins and Anthony brown since it’s contract year for them, and knowing how we draft we could be loaded with picks

  46. Lol the squirrel conversation cracked me up, good one foots

  47. Letting dlaw go would be a mistake but if he goes where the money is it's just business

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