Dallas Cowboys To Bring In George Iloka | Film Session

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  1. Heath is without a doubt the fastest kid on the team. Yes he caught Barkley from behind, but in that game, he also bounced off him….what seemed like 10 times, if I called Heath an average tackler…that would be generous. Law might have brought that up….I haven’t finished The whole video yet. 😎🤙💥

  2. He will be a extra big help as long as he's on the left or right and end zone the defense is looking good and the other team is going to underestimate George and head his way but before you know it Bang they're hit

  3. Not a upgrade but we always could use more help another bargain player we get what we pay for hope it's not too late to sign for Berry!!!

  4. Back when my dad played for the boys, everyone was on special teams, except Staubach.

  5. Can he cover desean jackson..lol

  6. You're a great analyzer

  7. Our 2nd round pick is critical, DT, S, or WR is where I would go early in this draft. Taking the best player on the board from these 3 positions. Then picking up a DE in the 4th round.

  8. Heath is quick yes, but he tackles yoo high in my opinion. I love that hes an Energizer bunny, but hes out in space alot.

  9. He fits in the BUDGET that's about the gist of bringing a player like this in.

  10. Getting worried about not getting Lawrence locked up. The cowboys front office is handling this terribly.

  11. Brown is faster than anybody on the team. But Heath had the worst missed tackle percentage on run plays of any starting safety in the league last year.

  12. Jeff heath fast but Byron jones is faster

  13. Stats and measurements look identical to Kam Chancellor

  14. Yo wassup Lawwwwwww from Instagram!!

  15. We just signed George Iloka.

  16. X is not in any jeopardy regardless of who we bring in. Too valuable with a lot of Position Flex.

  17. Yes Leave Chido at Corner unless their is a Special Need. Look what New England did this year in the Super Bowl. You have to have guys that can do more than one thing well. Chico could do it when needed.

  18. Taco does not know how to use his length.
    He may have strength but he plays like he's weak.

  19. Good point Law.

    Maybe you bring him in for box work only, SLB on occasions and a full time special teams guy.

    Please don't put this guy in a single high.

  20. We already have box guys.

  21. He tackles better but gets burnt more often in single high. We already have single high guys.

  22. Who cares if Heaths the fastest which I doubt anyway. Its probably Austin.
    He's an average Safety who makes great plays every now and then.
    Heaths not the answer just a solid role player at best.

  23. Law you need to learn to speak i cant stand your rambling on
    Get to th fn point learn players names too i unsubscribed because of your lack of speaking skills

  24. I really hope we don't pick up this guy. He doesn't offer us anything else that heath already does. He's not worthy of wearing the star in my opinion. If all he has to offer is special teams we already have solid players for that. He's brings nothing different nor nothing special to our team. This dude is not better than heath I hope we really dont waste our time & cap money on this dude

  25. Im tired of these build a bargen bum ass players. Hes not better than Heath stop trying to cheap your way to a Championship. There was nothing wrong with our special teams. Focus on Quinn and Berry why not look at Suh… Go all in

  26. This dude is a bum.

  27. Especially if we can add him for say a 1 year prove it deal for a mill $ or less even possibly. Has the size and length that kris Richard likes long tall stature, long arms, pretty fluid, ran the fastest 3 cone of all safeties in that years entire draft class.. can turn on a dime and very fluid. Only knock on him is that he’s not a ball hawk and he ran I believe a 4.6 ish 40 yard time but does have good closing speed and has a solid build and especially height and length all around,

  28. I’d like to have him for depth and I believe he’s a better sure tackler then heath for playing SS and use heath as a rotational piece plus Incase of injury we have a guy who actually has talent he played both free and in the box but was better suited for the box ss and fits well in our scheme also has ties to kellen Moore being from Boise and same class as him and Tyrone Crawford as well.

  29. Law??? Ya think this kid is that much of an upgrade over Kevon Frazier?? However I’d take him for special teams, like you said, but I ain’t paying him more than the league minimum.

  30. I believe he will make our S.T a lot better with Jeff Heath, Frazier and Jones. Dont sleep on S.T play it's very important have have to win in two phases of each game.

  31. Outside of depth he does not look to add much of anything.

  32. I don't see what he's offering that we don't already have.
    He's a liability in single high.

    All three of our Safeties can play the box(X,Heath,Frazier).

    X and Heath can play single high.

    Most of our CBs could rotate into Safety spots in an emergency. We have enough CB depth to do a next CB up in an emergency.

  33. George illoka got burnt bad by zeke in his rookie year against Bengals lol split right through both defenders 🤦🏾‍♂️ idk about him but he is a little upgrade over Frazier and that's not saying much

  34. Seems like a church 2.0 to me.

  35. My quick thoughts hes slow ,bad hips when hes transition,slow,as a free ssfety hell no i dont want this guy ,to me he looks like s tall cb playing safety ,man we digging at the bottom of the barrel with this one ,is he really an upgrade over heath tho ? Mann!im worried,trade up for juan thornhill

  36. Well anyone better than Jeff Heath in the backfield Law.

  37. What is with us and Boise state players like god damn lol you have Redskin with Bama players they stay getting and you have us who stay getting Boise state players lol

  38. Good tackler and attacker but he need to be the deep field cover we need

  39. 6'4" from Boise State. Makes sense.

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