The Dallas Cowboys to bring in Malik McDowell | Film Session

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  1. So0o0o0o0o….what happened with this so-called visit!? πŸ€”

  2. He can be the next David Irving replacement

  3. No way this guy plays this year or maybe even next. Guy has probably lost 60lbs and tons of it muscle. He might eventually play again but good lord who would take a risk on him? One nasty hit to the head and gosh I don't even want to think about.

  4. Wasn’t this guy in a 4 wheeler accident?

  5. There isn't any NFL film on him. He never played a snap due to his ATV accident before his rookie season. Suffered an eye injury and brain damage. Haven't really heard from him since so I have zero idea where his health and mind is at. I'm sure Dallas' FO is deep diving those issues as we speak. That kind of an injury may have given him some prospective.

  6. If he's healthy and ready to put in some work, this could be a HUGE steal for us!

  7. Need to give the guy from baylor a chance…He was found not guily…Shawn Oakman

  8. McDowell was my favorite player coming out of the 2017 draft. I think he was a 30 day visit for the 'Boys if memory serves right. It was never an issue with talent, it was always a matter of character and off field issues. He has the physical traits and nastiness to be a dominant, dominant player, a la David Irving. If he interviews well at the star and the Cowboys can get him on the cheap, they should sign him for 2 years while his stock is at a discount. Under Rod, this guy will blow up the NFL so long as he corrects the off field stuff.

  9. Pump the brakes , heard he suffered a brain injury in atv accident

  10. I don't want to sign him if he's not going to be motivated to be a football player. I don't want anymore Regorys or Irvings.

  11. Better, Much better, i will always prefer young talented players who's best days may be ahead of them instead of older veterans who best days are more then likely behind them.

  12. That tune you always play be getting me ready for anything. I was bumping my way to toasting a bagel this morning

  13. Let's just bring him in it's low risk. Look at it this way we know we lost our chance on the big names and Suh wants too much most likely. Bring in like 20 of these guys no joke and you WILL find a good 4 or 5 that are just ready to do the damn thing. Depth can't hurt.

  14. Man, a couple years ago I wanted the Cowboys to go after this guy. But, they didn't. Now, he's available at a CHEAP rate and I'm thinking, "What a steal!" However, we keep going after players at the defensive tackle that are NOT top notched (anymore) but they are considered to be 2nd rate. For the love of God, why don't we want then premium dollars on a defensive tackle???? Someone please tell me!!! πŸ€”…. JUST WHY?!???

    With all that skepticism being said… ironically, I PRAY ….that this man is a HELL RAISER! πŸ‘Ή

  15. I had Maleik in HS (Southfield,Mi) we played him at DE. He's truly gifted. Former basketball player. Great feet!!

  16. We slowly but surely gonna get this d-line fixed

  17. The Cowboys defense with another stunt d linemen

  18. Too much talent out there with plenty of time to evaluate & acquire

    We will get all. of our needs met by TC, OTA's, mini etc

    Thx Law


  19. Chris Richards knows McDowell , Marinelli can get him coach up

  20. salute appreciate the video. I would like this guy in the middle. Let's hope he's healthy so he can rock that star! I don't like how he gave up on a few plays but poppa Marinelli will get him right. I want this guy to have another shot

  21. Appreciate all the film you dropped today Law!!!

  22. If there is any coach that can get the best out of a defensive lineman, its Rod Marinelli.

  23. Law we need him beside anyone of our defensive tackle and that’s our pressure up the middle. We found our new David Irving.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’―

  24. LAW the reason why there's no tape on him in the NFL is because he had a ATV accident after the draft and Seattle released him specified injury so I don't know what was injured but if he is COMPLETELY HEALTHY and ready to go watch out he is David Irving's replacement for sure no doubt or we draft Jeffery Simmons

  25. Homie looks like he uses his leverage and hands well + he appears to have good instincts.

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