Dallas Cowboys on the Clock "Safeties" Live Stream with "Foots", Voch and 1980

Live Stream free for all with Voch, Cowboys Nation, Cowboys Fan 1980 and Law Nation. Which way should the Cowboys go in the draft? Mark Holmes and Voch …


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  1. Bottom line they had that great line in 2016 and it still wasn't good enough to win it all …the offensive line they have got them to the playoffs…I think if they just keep booting up the defense that should be enough to get them to the big game.

  2. #58 will not be a saftey

  3. Unless a game changing DT or DE (remember….we only got Quinn for 1 year) or even a ball hawking DB is available at 58….Cowboys should draft a safety.

  4. Where's my popcorn? I'm enjoying the Mark/Voch debates. ?????

  5. Dak is the real deal like,holy- field,just keep on counting him out,he gonna Keep on winning.. Cowboys nation is every where..

  6. This guy is a idiot,look at the film,Dak out play his contact,and out play Aron Rodgers ,Matt Ryan,oh yeah beat Carson Wentz.Wtf is he's talking about .

  7. this is a weak draft when it comes to OL there will be no dominant offensive lineman at 58. I don't even know if there is a dominant offensive lineman in this entire draft

  8. I don't get why some people think heath is an adequate safety. He is the weak link in the secondary. This defense would be much better if we drafted Abram or Thornhill.

  9. 1 darnell 2 deionte 3 rap.

  10. Defense did they job. Offense was too predictable in play calling

  11. Don't mess up like them Giants in New Jersey ?
    Good defense trash offense.

  12. Deionte Thompson saftey from Alabama or Darnell Savage Jr. from Maryland

  13. This is so great! I hate when everybody agrees

  14. What abt Wren?

  15. Good show guys. A lot of valed points on the draft. Everyone talking about the line or safety or cb . What if Dallas get a reciever ? They have brought in 5 to 6 reciever to eventually replace Cobb in 2020. Beasley did most of the punt/kickoff return last year because Tavon was injured. Remember anytime Dallas gets a new coach they usually have input on getting their guy. In this case it's the OC . They brought in guys to play inside and outside and special teams returns like Isabella, Samuel and Hardman.

  16. joejuan williams will be a cowboy. book it

  17. Professional content  Mark……………All your hard work is coming together nicely.

  18. Both our safeties will be off the books next season. We need best safety @ #58 to upgrade what we have. Abram, Thornhill or Adderly are my top 3. Then DT & RB w/ 3rd and 4th rd picks

  19. Quinn gonna to be a Beast,with D- Law on the other side,with Jaylon,Lve ,and don't forget this is Kris Richard 2nd year . feel sorry for Carson Wentz ..

  20. Cowboys weakness is offensive line . Defense to,but this draft is definitely defensively loaded.so is like Economics.u gonna run out on O' line first ,instead of Defense..

  21. I'll take a 4th round Comp for LC.

  22. Do think Savage could have a Palomalu ceiling. Not a better Athlete but similar type of player.

  23. You need C Flemming,Sayafillo and Looney as depth, and quality starters if needed. They are not the problem at all.

  24. Dak causes some of his own sacks holding the ball.

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