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  1. Man f*** that dog!!! any dog that attacks a human unprovoked should be put down.

  2. The dog is not a Pitbull. It's an American Staffordshire Terrier, a breed recognized by the AKC and not prone to be vicious.   They look similar to a Pitbull but are NOT a Pitbull.   Dak was not home.  Someone who came to his house accidentally let the dogs out.  (My $ says the housekeeper.)  Dak's dogs were not allowed to run loose ….ever.  The woman had multiple dogs in her yard  herself.   Her dogs  and Dak's dogs were fighting through the fence and she attempted to break up the fight and got bitten.  The animal did not charge her or become aggressive. She got bit when she stuck her hand down into the fight.  She could have been bitten by one of her own dogs for that matter.  I was accidentally bitten by one of my own dogs once when she was fighting with my other dog and I tried to break it up. . How do we know the woman is not lying so that she can sue him?

  3. I dont know the story. How did this happen? If the neighbor was putting hands where they dont belong then shit happens. If the dog got out and attacked that's something different.
    Usually they run a bunch of test before they just put a dog down.

  4. Bullshit ,you can't put down a man's dog just because he is s pit bull,Ive owned 6 pits in my life ,these dogs are the best dogs they will die for you ,they love kids ,the bad ones are made that way ,this neighbor did something to set the dog into protection mode

  5. This is b.s. that dog is only facing this crap cause he's a pit. If it was a Shepard or hound they would say "oh it's a one time thing" but nah it's a pit so it's dangerous right?! Absolutely trash situation they are in. Pits are precious people just gave them a bad name cause of how they owns raised them. Don't wanna take no damn responsibility for what they done to em

  6. SOMEONE call Villa Lobos! Tia Torres will take him

  7. If it is against the law it is against the law… even if it is legal the NFL is not gonna let these guys smoke unless the get a prescription

  8. This is only a big deal cause it's a pit I hate that any other dog wouldn't get put down sadddd I'm a pit owner this needs to stop

  9. Law, the dog will bite again. I just hope it’s not a baby.

  10. If you smoke weed, you have to accept the law and rules on it. I smoked when I was young, but quit because of my job and health. Two things that was more important.

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