DeMarcus Lawrence should be ready around October?

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  1. Thanx law

    But QUESTION :

    Can we as a team, or Tank individually be penalized for not reporting injuries?

    He's clearly bragged on playing through it for 2 yrs now
    Not saying the staffers knew throughout or somewhere along
    This report is spot on Baby Boi
    And as usual

    Hopefully all of our Taco's, Armstrong's, etc gain momentum & a valuable leg-up on playing LDE


  2. Everything happens for a reason….taco got that spot and need to step up if dlaw ain't there

  3. He over here telling rich eisen he be ready for the beginning of the season

  4. Yeah, that's what it is….the NFL had David Irving take enhancers and smoke weed. Lol. Stop.

  5. Dude….I hope he is not gonna be another Albert Haynesworth? This crap pisses me off….gonna be a waysted year…

  6. He's having surgery this Wednesday and it's expected he'll be back way BEFORE season starts. Sometime in August.

  7. David Irving is annoying at this point. He is wanting sympathy because he is in the minority of the dummies that can't control themselves to refrain from banned substances during the three week testing period. I find it funny that people assume the reason he smokes weed. Which one of his doctors violated HIPPA and provided you with his diagnosis and treatment plan??? By his own admission he's been smoking since the age of 10. You have PLENTY of players in the league that smoke OUTSIDE of the testing window. You also have ELITE players that NEVER break the rules. Stop making excuses for the few marginal players that CHOSE to break the rules!


  9. All I can say is he got his damn money, he better get on the field and earn it.

  10. Tank is an irresponsible mofo! Knowing how long the shoulder operation recovery takes he should have had it done in Janiary.

  11. They should of let him walk

  12. We need to remember. D Law player hard last season. With this injury. He made have a bit more damage now. Cause of playing injured. So he might need a bit more time. I think he shouldn't come back til the 3rd preseason game. Or the first season game. So we give him time to heal 100% so he can give us his 110% on the field. As he always does.

  13. I don't know what the logic was behind his waiting to get surgery….he needed to have it either way. He should have had it the day after their season ended. Now he's behind the curve…..

  14. he shoulda had that surgery months ago

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