Xavier Woods: Feels Disrespected about Cowboys Pursuit of Free Agent Safeties

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  1. If he feels disrespected because of potential competition he comes off as weak to me?

  2. Well, once again we have yet ANOTHER player whining he gets no "respect". I'll answer here as I did on the forums about this malarkey. You earn respect, and as cowboy fans, we INSIST on wins, championship wins. Super Bowl wins….Woods needs to stop the whining, go suit up and SHOW us he deserves the respect an all pro like ET gets…

  3. A healthy Sean Lee puts Jalen Smith as an attacking player he is our best Blitzer

  4. Y'all chill you gotta realize the mindset of an athlete that's how they wire themselves to get better it's a me against the world mentality it brings out the fight and hunger and it is motivation and fuel try being on your job and somebody from another department or building u hear they coming to take you or ya other coworker position I don't care who u are I gonna feel some slightness and disrespect about it. Human nature

  5. woods quit tripping….you still on a learning curve….stay yo azz quiet and keep the blood wood coming…and stay off social media…FOCUS…TIME equals RESPECT…this will not be get rich quick issue…TIME…

  6. Who ever thinks woods was better than Jeff heath is craaazzyyyyy! Wow I know it's hard to find apple to Apple safety stats but just try don't guess . Jeff beats woods every day of the week and he is faster . Maybe not in a 40 where there is no contact and no pads I'm talk on the live football field heath is faster stronger smarter . Heath didn't get drafted as a need he worked his way up made him self a need . Woods was drafted as a need and of course are coaches put him.out even know he's not ready . Just like are tight ends. I'm not saying woods is bad . He just wast ready and he shows it by his talk . He should feel great are coaches are retarded and let him start after a injury . After kavon already proved the year before he was the guy .

  7. We have a better safety his name is kavon frasier !!! Kavon let's go you have shown your are guy I understand why are bad coaching can't see that but I can . Kavon is a beast he got way way harder than woods and his ball awareness and feet are great . A trait like that will take away from speed . But he makes up for it in being a beast . Vs woods only has speed and his speed doesn't make up for what he doesn't have .

  8. We just want to replace heath
    Xavier’s a beast just heath

  9. Lmbo oh he dont want to compete, he just need to step his game up, or get put on the sideline by an older player

  10. Y'all comment straight bullshit Michael Jordan used stuff like this all the time but he get called the greatest this before the rings. He said I felt disrespected and that's going to motivate me but y'all bitching like for real. What about u at ur job u keep hearing rumors bout ur job that they gone replace u, u gone feel some kind of way, either u gone rise up or just be a lil punk. He saying ok yeah I hear yall, y'all want Earl but I want to make this my spot and just watch. I'm with u Woods

  11. Well the lady set up that question to make Xavier react a certain way

  12. Well, he needs to prove his worth by his actions. That dude is all mouth.

  13. Woods is my free safety but we need to improve on the strong safety I always had a fond respect in Jeff heath in the special teams but thays all he is in my opinion yeah he can play strong safety but we better off getting a better strong safety

  14. Heath been a marked man since Calvin Johnson mossed our whole Secondary. X Woods is alright but not a game changer. Gotta upgrade Heath and use him in a rotation

  15. arent we looking for somebody to play next to him ???? dude is reaching hard

  16. You guys are crazy with your comments, LoL. You guys were in your feeling about ET3, they play the same position, FS, so yeah, that's disrespect. X. Woods, isn't the problem and we didn't give up plays over 20 yards or more through the air. Now running on us and poor angles could be a problem but it was our first time with the passing coordinator and Indo facto defensive coordinators and interception were a problem on the whole defense. Heath should be rotating with him and we need a clone of him or ET3 to play Rover. It's only 2 great, FS in the league, ET3 and Berry and both are injury prone & past his prime, everybody else is trying to to be them. Everyone is screaming Tre Boston but my dude can't even get a contract over a year long, he might have issues as a FS, think about it. Let him and the team keep growing and we will see the growth.

  17. Are you got to give me access to that track homeboy with nothing but the best on there so I can bang out in the morning

  18. Yeah he's definitely tripping because that's why I wanted Earl cuz I thought him and arrow out there would have been friendly skys

  19. he need to STFU & step up his game…THESE GUYS UNBELIEVABLE…this why im starting to hate sports

  20. X-Man need to come out of the bushes then and go ahead and handle his business and show us he next level

  21. It's not about him, it's about replacing Heath.. lol

  22. Woods needs to stop being a man bitch ,if they really wanted a top F.A.safety,we would have picked up Earl or L C and we didn't so he needs to STFU and prove the Cowboys don't need a Safety,I hate these damn cry babies

  23. Prove management wrong!


  25. We are just hurt from Rams game i thought when cooper scored all we had to was play tough defense like they did all season and feed zeke ……300 rushing yards later and a 4th and 1 the world knew the playcall us fans just want to be assured we are tryna better the team

  26. Why does he feel disrespected he hasn't done anything to merit that type of respect..plus the replacement is suppose to be for Heath ass

  27. Well then he can kick rocks

  28. Go hard or go home x woods?????????

  29. Everybody on the team feeling disrespected ??‍♂️

  30. Hmmmm following in Demarcus lawerance footsteps ?

  31. Yo brutha Woods, you are an exceptional player and we appreciate you tremendously but you are NOT at the ET status yet. So I'm gonna need you to vacate your feelings on this subject matter because this is nothing personal against you….it's just business!

  32. Aw man y’all soft ? he said he gonna use the disrespect as motivation and y’all still mad. The dude balled. Our defense was just fine. I’d worry about the offense this season. Not going after earl or Collins is fine. We still ain’t even signed d law.


  34. Why he all in his feeling n shit, we ain’t trying to replace him we trying to replace Heath.

  35. Play better and we won't have these problems

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