YouTube Help Support Shut Me Down!!!!

YouTube Demonetized my Channel and Removed my Ability to Contact Them… Support the stream: Multistreaming with …


Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Law – I hate to say it but it sounds like someone, perhaps a competitor on YouTube sounded the alarm on your page. It’s a dog eating dog environment. How can we help?

  2. Somehow – Someway – Find A Way To Continue!!!!
    We need Law Nation!!!!!

  3. I'll tell you why YouTube is in an uproar….its because of that manly beard and the way the light shines that brings a certain glow to you Law. Haters gonna hate and YouTube will come around. Just keep bringing us that commentary we yearn for deep in our loins, and keep the beard fresh!

  4. Hater going to hate, Keep fighting through

  5. That's some BS youtube! Sooooo, motivational videos is original content. ??? Leave this man alone.

  6. YouTube want a bunch of crab on their channels. Smh

  7. Law just say where your new channel is and I will be there brother.

  8. We really appreciate your news,facts,highlights these ppl really hate the Cowboys lol O well keep doin ya thang LAW create another channel I WILL FOLLOW SALUTE ???

  9. YT gotta do better…sick of this shit

  10. I’ll keep watching Law do ya thing

  11. Time to try D tube or another Platform. Youtube is over imo.

  12. Law we are going to get the cowboys roped into this. This will not stand!


  14. YouTube hates the Cowboys !!!!!

  15. We ain’t live like 95 no more ✊??

  16. Simple fix, all you gotta do is have a half naked lesbian nazi muslim African co-host with a Spanish surname as eye-candy. Sprinkle in salty language…a few shits and fucks…in your intro have anti Christian symbols abounding with loud, raunchy Alice Cooper and Megadeth jams as you run Dallas Cowboys, NFL, MLB & NBA highlights and…I promise you…

    YouTube will slobber all over you!

    You'll have monster contracts extended to you from every major corporation on earth. ABC, CBS & NBC will fight Fox and cable networks for programming and the $$$ will flow.

  17. Have u ever thought of just using a white board? Xs and Os? They're trying to run you off, but u gotta zig when they zag. YouTube is the worst best platform.

  18. The process? Do you know if this lady has red hair?

  19. Highlights ARE original content… hopefully YouTube will figure that out at some point

  20. When things like this come about better things are around the corner#FACTS

  21. What can I do to help?

  22. Law I’ll keep watching you bro keep us posted ..!

  23. I don’t see any adds, I bought the premium but if they cut you off I will stop renewing cause I became a YouTube Premium subscriber because of you! They are wrong! You are like a fan that shares your insight(s) on the game! This is totally fake news! YouTube is just trying to be “big brother” hang in there Law, LawNation forever! We got you’re back! Aloha from Hawaii, your friend Yong

  24. I support you law go make another channel or whatever man I'll go see that .. Go Cowboys!!!

  25. There they go with that Bullshiznit. And call it business.

  26. They’ll let pewdiepie say some racist shit and get away with it.

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