The Dallas Cowboys Defense Flat Out Needs Help Inside | Film Session

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  1. Damn this will happen next yr in the playoffs teams will have this same film and again cowboys won't make adjustments or get players in free agency to make impact

  2. I'm at 16:34 just ?? this video was almost over. My goodness. I almost equate this to the Falcons game – Was there anything in the whole wide world to stop the outpour of yards up out the middle of the DLine!?! Don't hit play! ? ? ? ?

  3. 96 got pressure. Great breakdown Law. Need that true 1 Tech DT.

  4. They should get a big body DT and coach him up

  5. Dude this video is painful to watch

  6. DTs did suck but LBs was lost ALL DAY against the Rams…AWoods is good pass rusher but a HORRIBLE Run stuffer!!!

  7. Safety and Big D tackle is what we need to get over the hump to beat the Rams or Patriots

  8. Cowboys going to be good

  9. Dlaw looked like trash when it counted?

  10. 2half they should've run bliz inside LB all day

  11. Lol where is the LB BLIZ

  12. The Rams running trap plays on the inside. Coach should have changed the defense

  13. Law watching this is painful but drop that knowledge

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