The Dallas Cowboys To Bring in Eric Berry and More

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  1. U look like james harden

  2. Give Michel Irving n Emmit smith a call..why not!

  3. Randall Cobb! Next is Eric Berry

  4. Yo law this will be a good sign and I want the cowboys to focus on the DT and get some good picks at the O-LINE

  5. I don't know why we are so high o E. Berry his never healthy I hope we don't throw alot of money to him.

  6. My bad law… might have taken out a small amount of my mounting frustrations with our team on u… I'm not a huge DL fan. I don't want to give Dak 25 or 30 mil because in a year it'll cost us one of our LB… or coop

  7. I love the way the cowboys are moving.. I’m impressed ????.. not jumping the gun ( this is not franchise mode on Madden)

  8. Why not "kick the tires" on E.Berry? He may sign for a relatively reasonable contract if he can pass the physical.

  9. Eric Berry at a good price would be huge for us

  10. We need him cowboys need Eric berry

  11. Bro u r whack!!! U have no idea what your talking about…

  12. They haven't signed anyone yet… don't need cobb… they r visiting… that's it

  13. Right on law!

  14. I like what they're doing bringing in some vets to teach the youth and not break the bank for it. ??

  15. Law Malik McDowell is coming in tomorrow also he is from Michigan state a defensive tackle he can play any position in the defense end or tackle. He will be David Irving replacement we need to sign him tomorrow asap⭐️⭐️???

  16. I'm hoping that Rapp from UW drops to us in the 2nd.

  17. Give Eric Berry a deal with incentives

  18. Ss Berry FS the X factor.. that'll be dope

  19. Keep speaking facts homie

  20. Depends on how berry health is he hasn't played often last two seasons.

  21. @Law Nation Don't worry about not being on Facebook. It's a dying platform anyway.

  22. Hope the sign him then draft a safety (Jonathan Abram) that berry can mentor

  23. Cowboys fans are happy with playoff win and that’s it well next year. Nobody coming here top tier for a bottom basement contract

  24. I’ll let D Law walk

  25. We going to need that film study law on Mr. Hyder

  26. Signing both Eric Berry, and Randall Cobb will be two pretty legit additions to this team since we are in need of replacements for Beasley, as well as Switzer. Now if were not able to sign Earl Thomas III at least we'll have Berry

  27. Why is Eric Berry available… (rhetorical)

  28. I like Covington ,not this other guy

  29. Don't mind giving Eric a chance.

  30. renting proven vets for 1-2 seasons is wise since we have a lot of young core players that need re-signing. This is an excellent strategy to get veteran experienced on the cheap.

  31. All realness if they can get a veteran safety cool, but go get that young man from Virginia safety Juan Thornhill that's my sleeper what you think Law have you checked him out?

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