Here's who the Cowboys have met with at the NFL scouting combine so far….

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  1. Pull out the facts keep ?

  2. Juan Thornhill is a baller would be dope if we got him

  3. I hate when people disrespect Anthony Brown

  4. Rather have collins den thornhill

  5. Sh** I'm koo wit holyfield too

  6. They could make a trade for Johnathan Abram

  7. The cowboys need to be looking at that QB from buffalo Tyree Jackson and the Wr from Iowa State Hakeem Butler they are going to drop in the draft to mid or late rounds they can be something special.

  8. Are we sure Rico can't b a star. Maybe linehan and Dak?held him back

  9. Any thoughts on moving chido to safety? He doesn't seem to be able to turn his head around on deep passes .might be a better safety

  10. Law all them look good' Cowboys should b able to draft one of them ' Ballers . Cuz Earl won't to much ' Cheddar..

  11. Bees is washed tho go the Pat way young and cheap

  12. Jourdan Lewis is better than Brown

  13. I have a feeling we are gonna trade Anthony Brown,if so then I go with Amani from Penn St.he likes to hit and can tackle,

  14. Please no CBs from Houston,plus CB isn't a need this draft

  15. I agree 100% on Thornhill,but Abram is pretty damn good too

  16. A guy like Beckner helps the LBs but also free up DLaw and Taco ,we need him ,stopping the run is a priority

  17. Do you like Thornhill or Abram over Rapp ?

  18. Hockenson is another blocking TE that we have to many of ,I'm not impressed with the TEs in this draft ,not at 58 ,we are in desperate need of a DT and OT

  19. RB,I like Montgomery,can do it all,reminds me a little of Emmitt

  20. Trade up get so metcave him Amir for the next 10 year's omg

  21. Law,with LC and Earl being to costly ,what about taking a shot on Weddel

  22. Eric Weddle not interested, Will McClay draft this CB from Uof H later Rds. Move Awuzie to Safety. Keep drafting All Day Will McClay

  23. That second pick has to be a FS a guy who is best as a single high or a nasty center block type of DT who is immovable in the middle and demands attention and respect.

  24. Its crazy how the majority of the focus seems to be on TE and yeah we need one but please lets not forget our TE's didn't give up 200 plus yards to the Rams…..

  25. Law, this kid Trevon Williams I think has the potential to be a Darren Sproles type player…of course I could always be wrong. I love backs with low center of gravity

  26. Hope for D tackle round 2 a safety 3rd round 4th round Running back and 5th swing olinemen

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