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  1. All i got to say is i will love it when Dak make his haters eat crow.

  2. Law Shawn Merriman said Dak didn't get us to the playoffs ??

  3. A mature man can handle the ups and downs of the situation. If he makes a mistake the very definition of a grown ass man is that they can put that aside and not let it dictate what he does going forward. That is not average. You should never let your own limitations hold you back. You find a way. You know your limits but you can reach beyond them in other ways. Knowing yourself gives you confidence.
    “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles." ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  4. In this world there are men who you are willing to follow into battle. We would say that in the military. Would you go into battle with this guy. That supersedes many sins. Dak is all in. He is proving who is to his team now. Forging it. Not to himself and not to the media. His team. I think he understands what wearing that Star means to many. The journey continues. He has already been a success this year. He is playing with house money now. If he wins this week just wow.

  5. Troy had arguably the most dominating O Line in NFL history. Larry Freaking Allen!

  6. Troy fought against the demise of his team years ago. He was a winner and he saw his team diminish needlessly. This is well documented. I do think Troy and Dak have a like drive to win and lead.
    Anyway many of these analysts have Dak in their heads. But I agree with what Colin is saying here. Dak has a maturity that many do not have. Building the team around Dak is a good strategy. I hope they can get Dak on a "friendly" deal, whatever that is. We shall see. How much is enough anyway? Being a millionaire leading a great team or being overpaid on a poor one. Choose wisely.

  7. Wth is colin talking about daily comment. Ive been watching a bunch of the old cowboys game footage and troy barely even got rushed that line was amazinggggggg. Stood back there until harper, irvin, moose whoever got open

  8. I hate when they say Dak has no arm,well I've seen him throw 1 pass 67 yds in the air to Brice Butler and many 50 yd balls ,he has enough arm ,give him protection,he can do it all

  9. Dak is his own man,a man with conviction,class and heart like no other ,he is a winner

  10. But Emmitt also had the great Wall of Dallas,I love Zeke ,and you give him an O Line like in 2016 ,he is unstoppable

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  12. Once Dak starts to connect with Gallup this offense will be unstoppable,but again it starts with the O Line,look at Philly,their last 4 games they faced Aaron Donald,JJ Watt and Kalil Mack ,that O Line gave up 0 sacks 5 hits ,O Line and game planning,that will make Dak

  13. I wish someone put all these dudes in there place

  14. Once again WTF is this dude Colin talking bout!? He gets paid to ramble his mouth it's all BS!

  15. Don't doubt dak Prescott

  16. Dak won OROY and average QB don’t that in the NFL either – Setting an NFL record – Dak is than average

  17. Merciless Wiley was a less than average DE in the NFL- couldn’t get to or win a NFL postseason game, DeAngelo Hall was an average DB, never won a game against Dak, Dak beated DeAngelo and the skins every time – Shawn Merrimen was an average LB – couldn’t win in the NFL postseason games – and was beating many times in NFL postseason by Dak Prescott like NFL QB in Tom Brady – Dak is better than average

  18. Dak is a better than average QB – Dak shown to be better than Russell Wilson in the WILD CARD Game of NFL postseason – Name an average QB with best competition % in the last three NFL seasons, Name me an average QB that won the 2nd most games in the NFL- 2nd to only Tom Brady – Name me a QB – average with the most game winning drives in the NFL (14) – Dak isn’t an average QB, because average QBs don’t do things like what is doing… Only great QBs like Tom Brady and Drew Brees can get the kind of numbers Dak putting out…. Dak numbers winning games are better than average- Only great QBs can have these kinds of numbers- Dak is right in there with great QBs in the NFL – It is showing Dak was and is best QB selection in the 2016 NFL draft – best NFL QB drafted since Tom Brady

  19. These NFL analyst are idiots, Dak three for 455 – 3 touchdowns and 387 – 4 touchdowns, Dak is better than average…. M. Wiley, S. Merrimen and Whitlock are less than average NFL analyst

  20. Missed the live feed! LawNation! Law?? my brother from another mother! Aloha from Hawaii! Dallas upsets LA … Dallas 27- LA-14 “LET’S GO!!!” Let’s go get it, we just need to have our team play their responsibilities at the highest level from jump!, and we will dominate the line both sides! Let’s go positivities to our Dallas Cowboys! Mahalo and Aloha Yong

  21. Dak will win a lot of NFL postseason and SB games and will in the HOF

  22. This is surprising. Aikman always seems negative about Dak during broadcast.

  23. Desoto tx quest for sixth let's go !!!! Cowboys nation

  24. People like Colin & Stephen A Smith always say things but when they do they always make sure they have an escape plan to weezel out what they said about who they said it to.

  25. I like Troy Aikman but we have to remember he had a monster team and alot of good players in that Cowboy team. Jay Novacek, Darryl Johnston, etc etc alot of weapons to go to. DAK, is building that now and he is connecting with his players.

  26. I like when the haters hate … That's all they know. Cowboys have the most haters because Cowboys like to win even when they lose they still focus on today. Cowboys are winners in my book Win or Lose.

  27. Like every week he literally singles out Dak, whether they win or lose

  28. I personally believe Colin has been rubbed the wrong way by Dak when he came out of Miss St. Maybe he's an Ole Miss fan, but there's no reason he should be hating on Dak so much.

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