DeMarcus Lawrence Contract Negotiation Is Easier Said Than Done | Part II

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  1. True D-laws a beast but when has he ever had a day were he just single handedly wrecked a game like Watt,Miller,Mack or Donald? I havent saw that from him yet and he want there kinda money smh.Even Irvin had one of them kinda games vs Tb you want that big bag u gotta show me u worth it

  2. I am so sick and tired of this owners mentality.

  3. Law if I take an educated guess, I think the sticking point might be the length of the contract…Dallas might be sayin “ we’ll give you Mack ? but only for 3 years 63 million or the most 4 years 84 million…anything after that is over the 100 MILLION dollar range. Let us not forget he is 27 now

  4. Jerry Jones said in a interview a month or so ago. You don't want to see the check I'd write to buy Superbowl type players! Jerry put your money where your mouth is. Pay D Law!!! We can get a Superbowl with D Law. Possibly this year. But with Moore as OC and new player. We might have to adjust and get the Superbowl next year. But we are on target to get a Superbowl. But my gut says if we let D law go. We aren't getting a Superbowl. And we will wish we kept D law!!! D Law had a Superbowl caliber mind set!!!! But he needs to play for a ring. Not for the big bank!!! Everyone has to remember. Players are only remembered by the number of rings they have. Not what size bank they got. No one asks E Smith didn't you get a big bank? No they only care about his rings and his plays! D Law was playing with a bad shoulder. They ran him into the ground. But he would try and fight hard every game. At the saints game. He talked the talk! And walked the walk. When they his Drew Brees in the mouth!!! He is a leader. Please Jerry D law is Superbowl caliber mind set. And with the new players. Surgery and Rod and Richard. We can coach and Superbowl team. With Moore and the cuffs off Dak and Cooper. And all the other players. We might get a few Superbowls. So just think. If we miss the Superbowl this year. And see. Dam. If we had law. We could have won. I say pay the man. But set the contract. So we don't get burn. I know some take the big bank. The retire or what ever. So play them Boyz. And make it mostly performance based.

  5. I say pay DLaw, You have to look at not only the player but what he brings to the others around him. He is a proven leader that helps elevate his team.

  6. Not he doesn’t deserve every penny law he as far as I’m concerned he still owes us 2 years he was hurt for 2 seasons and we waited on him so he should respect that and take a dam pay cut

  7. And hatcher we dodge him and the redskins took the risk

  8. Look at 2014 Law. Most of his sacks was from undrafted free agents as tackles. When he went against good tackles he got nothing.

  9. They need to pay him like they said they would after the first tag…they doing him wrong

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