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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. People forget a LOT of stuff at the end of the season when the Eagles are in the SB. Let's review a bit of what happened to the team in the last year.

    1. January 16, 2016 began the Tony Romo watch. As in, is Tony going to stay on the Cowboys, go to another team (release or trade) or retire next year? That drama would go on until weeks after FA began. EVERY day that speculation was spread wide.

    2. Zeke, Zeke, and more ZEKE.

    3. David Irving got suspended.

    4. Where is Jaylon Smith at in his recovery? Will he ever even play football again?

    5. FA hit and the team let most of the secondary plus Ron Leary walk.

    6. Boobbygate with Zeke happened.

    7. Left guard retired. Oops!!! Now 40% of the oline is gone.

    8. Dak's card deal.

    9. The draft happened. Oh, no!!! The team drafted another woman beater in the 3rd round.

    10. Taco is going to be a bust!!

    11. OTAs are over so, of course, Damien Wilson had to get arrested at Dr. Pepper field.

    12. Lucky Whitehead's dog was stolen by a DJ.

    13. Zeke reportedly in a bar fight.

    14. Nolan Carroll arrested for DWI.

    15. YAY! FINALLY training camp is here to put fans out of their misery. Well, that was the plan until Lucky reportedly was caught shoplifting in Washington, which apparently was a false (though there is something fishy about the whole thing) allegation. Lucky cut immediately.

    16. Fans find out about Damontre Moore suspension.

    17. Jourdan Lewis trial. YAY!! He was found innocent.

    18. Jourdan Lewis, Ryan Switzer, Marquez White, and Chidobe Awuzie all develop hamstring injuries at training camp.

    19. Zeke suspended so Cowboys fans become work place lawyers over the next few months.

    20. Preseason starts. Hitchens breaks kneecap. Sean Lee tweaks his hamstring.

    21. Stephen Paea injured his knee. Eventually retires.

    22. Brian Price tears up his knee.

    23. Sean Lee and Chidobe Awuzie battle hamstring injuries. Jaylon Smith forced into way too many reps way too soon.

    24. Orlando Scandrick breaks his hand.

    25. Dak loses Zeke, Lee, and Tyron before (Zeke's suspension enforced) and during the ATL game. Dak barely escaped with his life from that game.

    26. Oh, and Rico suffered a concussion during training camp. Speculation began soon afterwards that the Cowboys had essentially benched him Turns out that the hit he took was to his jaw/neck area more than a concussion.

    27. Dak hit his hand so hard on a helmet during the Washington game that it swelled up so badly that he could not even grip a ball. They got the swelling down enough for him to finish the game.

    28. David Irving suffered a concussion during the Washington game. Was out for the last four games. Speculation began soon afterwards that the team was faking the injury or David was.

  2. voch sounds stupid

  3. The Justice League

  4. Have a hard time listening to women talk about football. Anyways we have no depth…name one position where we actually have depth?
    I think Dak's only a liability when he gets a shitload of pressure on him…he's a 2nd year qb. How many 2nd year QBs excel with 300 lb D-linemen in their face? Dak needs better protection on passing downs. When Dak has decent protection his numbers are elite and up there with the best in the NFL. Until Zeke and Tyron were gone Dak was in the conversation for MVP and then he completely lost all confidence after the ATL game getting sacked 6 times by a scrub.

  5. Can't believe I missed this live…
    Great stream..
    Thanks LAW for pudding this together

  6. i follow so many of your channels cool seeing the game together

  7. Jasson dont call the plays Scott calls the Plays.

  8. Would of love to see shango in here

  9. Mark wit da facts ?

  10. YO Law… you know I am a passionate Dallas Cowboys fan, here behind enemy lines way up in the Northeast but I have a cornerback you may want to checkout” Quenton Meeks” 6’1 210LBS Stanford. You have to check out this kid, he always gets his head turned around, and tackles really well. You can have the glory, I just want to help. Way better than Josh Jackson

  11. Jason Garrett sympathizers like this MAMMIE voach is the reason why we haven't did nothing in seven years. With this talent we have now, we should be contending for a Superbowl. Our offense runs the same 5 running plays and dears the defense to stop the run. We got decent receivers but none of them can't get separation! This fat fucker sounds like a ratchet off of Maury in denial about his teams situation. This fool sounds ridiculous! Mark gave him that work like he should of.

  12. Get this voach dude outta here

  13. Family what's happening? I seen a couple of mock drafts that habe us taking a DR at #19. I would not want to do that, but I know we need help at 1 tech… how you feel about that?? @LawNation

  14. This shit was clean, who's idea was it.

  15. I love and respect Voch's passion for our team….but I gotta admit…I bust out laughing Everytime he voices his opinion and the other Cowboys streamers look as though, "This dude's straight out TRIPPIN'!!!"

  16. I feel like I'm watching this in the 90s on a 3g primeco phone

  17. Law. Stop using hangouts. Use skype. hangouts suckksss

  18. great job law congrats ???

  19. The Avengers Of CowboysNation

  20. This mega table was badass!

  21. Damn I missed this live

  22. Cowboys 27 should be on this pannel

  23. Your killing voach mark keep it going

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