The Dallas Cowboys (Dorance Armstrong) Mystery & Unsolved Mystery at (TE) Players ᴴᴰ

Dorance Armstong Jr | His game revolves around athletic ability over technique; however, I have to put a check mark by everything else. Although I love Michael …


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  1. I would love Rico to be that guy that we're hoping he could be

  2. Law Dorance is going to be good backup! With him in the rotation he gets 6-8 sacks? Potentially!we’ll see?! Keep Rico and Shultz! 4TEs are needed in case of injury?! With the uncertainty of Travis Fredrick, we need a better 80-95% toss up play, I was NOT a Rico fan but with this injury we need to keep Rico as an added weapon?! In redzone!! DLine 1/3 Tech needs to be a high draft issue and high OLine pick to keep our engine (our bread and butter) OLine stocked?! Next man up and why is Chaz Green still on the roster?? He was getting killed by 3/4 stringers that is rookies?! Dam he loss “it”! Let him go use his spot for Rico! Than go out and get a replacement for Fredrick till we know how his health is?! But come on y’all let’s pump the brakes! It’s NOT the ending of the season! Now it’s the D that gotta carry the O! Enough said let’s play!! Go DallasCowboys4Life 808-Yong

  3. Give him time and he’ll come along just fine. I think maybe faster than Taco is. Both will show up this season

  4. A 4 TE set would be good. But I want Rico as the starter

  5. Yeah I like this kid also Law..

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