Voch Lombardi VS Mark Holmes Talk

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  1. Why Dallas Cowboys fans should be pissed!! https://youtu.be/TPTk3mT84R4

  2. Law Nation I’m still looking and can’t find this particular one! This track is hot! Link doesn’t work

  3. I call Mark Holmes "Sinbad."??

  4. Just go ahead and say it law. Jason Garrett is Jerry Jones b****….. a son would have more balls

  5. Wasn't Tony Romo a Jerry Jones son also? But I think he saw he could make more money with Dak and so he went with Dak. If Jerry can make more money with another Coach, I think he would change. I don't hold anything that Jerry says as set in stone. It has to happen before i believe. it. I think jerry could change coaches and if stephen is actually taking more authority, maybe there will be a head coaching change.

  6. Law , what was the exact name of that sky blue track ??

    Can't find it nowhere .

  7. Ilb josey jewell film session

  8. Law Nation say it! DC Nation good evening

  9. Rashaan Evans LB…bama

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