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  1. Also just tried tankathon again today for the heel of it. Again, this website doesn't like you bro. Out of 10 tries right of the bat I got #4 on the first, and #1 aka Zion on the 3rd. Plus another #4. So we have around a 3 out of 10 chance of getting the draft pick, and a 1 out of 10 at Zion at best.

  2. So do we get Kemba? Or We try to get both Vucevic and Dragic? For me Kemba is better than those 2 but leaves questions about the team depth if they get him, and also questions about how he would fit with Luka. Draft pick? We have a 75% chance of losing it, but in the case we hit the 25% of keeping it, unless is Zion, we will probably trade whoever is it. Maybe RJ would also be a keeper. All the rest would be trade pieces.

  3. Love Brunson. I think he's a solid starter else where, but he's a very good 6th man with the Mavs.

  4. The mavericks need to draft de’andre Hunter, he brings the defense and shooting we need to make a good playoff run next year if we can sign a good rebounding center. I also hope we can get Matisse thybulle.

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