Breakdown: Why Le'veon and AB are worse off without the Steelers

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  1. this is a joke lmao

  2. Its like you spoke what i was thinking

  3. I don't see either of them doing well. Remember, you cant lay all the blame at Ben's feet. The offense was partially set for the two egos. They had specific sets of plays. They are not going to see those plays first year. Plus, when a players all about money or how much he touches the football, he's not much good to any team. In order to justify the salaries, these guys are going to be expected to produce. Neither are spring chickens working in a world where NFL can stand for NOT FOR LONG. I would expect the same production due to age and the fact that talent is often linked. There's no Ben at either team

  4. This video str8 stupid he didn’t try to mention Big Ben throwing his teammates under the bus he only mentioned AB and L Bell problems but not the team problems or how all of this was started because Ben wanna go on his radio and talk shit about AB and how the O line men was publicly bashing L Bell and saying they made him but you call them cancers tho when the team is a cancer plus Ben and Tomlin is the man cancers because Ben thinks he’s the owner and Tomlin coach is a pussy for a coach

  5. Jets O-Line will have issues holding blocks as required for Bell’s patient style of running & AB would have to get over 1500 yards to be worth the drama.

  6. Jerome bettis tried to tell him 2yrs ago that he has it good with pit. Catching the ball as much as he does isn't as hard or a rb body as running up the gut and catching a lot of balls frees him up the middle on runs. Yes he got the ball a lot but he caught it a lot. Other teams will literally run him in the ground expecting him to earn his money. And ab, he left ben so his stretch of 100 catch seasons are over. And he gonna be throwing coolers in Vegas now. Anyone that averages over 100 catches and 1500 yrs a season and bitches about not enough targets doesn't need in Pittsburgh. I bet pit makes it to at least the AFC championship game this year if not win it all. The only team that bell could have been as good on as ne with Brady. That's it. No one else has the personnel to use him to his max.

  7. the best thing that ever happened to ab was Big Ben!

  8. this is America's team, fool. if you can't be objective about a topic, you shouldn't have a you tube channel

  9. There’s truth in your video but I will disagree with you on Tomlin. Dude needs to go bc his defensive scheme is horrible and his FA moves the last couple of years has been a disaster. I was glad to see Hayley out but it’s Tomlin’s turn now.

  10. Those guys loved the big money dont you?

  11. Bell already miss the volunteer practice. I can't wait for the season to start. Just to see what they do. We will see.

  12. Oh they quick to jump on Mike. Quick.

  13. It’s redemption for everyone. Coach T, Pitt Fans the players..
    AB doesn’t get his 5 & 55 in Oakland… he’s going to throw a tantrum.
    Bell wants out of NFL.. I feel he Loved Fball & like a lot of guys (totally their choice) you could see that off field became more interesting to him & Football became a necessary means to an end……………

  14. The reason is very simple! The NFL is rigged and fixed! I will tell you right here and right now! The Chief's will play the Browns in the AFC championship the Chief's will win, and the Chief's will win the Super Bowl! AB obviously has cte the man isn't right in his head! I pray for him! Bell is Bell! Great video my friend

  15. The Steelers are back on track after letting them two BITCHIES go now the Steelers can get back to winning, peace love and happiness!!!!

  16. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.
    Especially with the Oakland raiders and the New York Jets.
    It's that me first attitude

  17. Get these players away from us, they are only playing for the money and fame.

  18. It's always going to be that way most of the time. Sometimes they can strike gold again. Shannon Sharpe did it with the Baltimore ravens and Charles Haley with Dallas cowboys.

  19. We had a winning season and missed the playoffs. We've never had a losing season since he's been here

  20. Le'veon was never a factor in any important playoff games. He can easily be nuetralized.

  21. Not a bad video but you are wrong on some key points.
    1. Ben Rothlisberger is an elite qb but is a horrible leader, by all reports is distant from his teammates, throws them under the bus to the media and a rapist.
    2. Stockpiling draft picks is pretty much the most effective path to turning around an organization. So long as you hit on those picks. Three prime examples of that just off the top of my head is the 90's Cowboys, the Browns (it took them longer bc they missed some draft picks like Johnny Manziel and DeShone Kizer, but they finally got it right, went from 1 win to 7) and the Rams. (They traded a bunch of draft picks they accumulated to get Jared Goff) The Patriots and Steelers both stockpile draft picks, just more like between rounds 2-5 and it is a bug reason for their sustained success
    3. The Raiders will not be a disaster this season, they will actually be pretty good, Jon Gruden is a great hc, Carr is a legitimate franchise qb and a great leader plus they have a talented roster finally.
    4. All 3 will be just fine. Bell will play well in NYJ, maybe not as good as with the steelers but still really effective. AB will be good in OAK/LV when they move there, again not as good as with Pit but still really good and PIT will still be a good team

  22. Well that was retarded. Tomlin couldn't even win with Bell and AB lol….both Bell and AB will be just fine.

  23. Tomlin lost the locker room. The Steelers were forced to give up their two best players for next to nothing. Conner and Schuster are nowhere near the players Brown and Bell are.

  24. Thank you for playing my favorite group EPMD in the background

  25. Dude…. dude.. money takes. Sub

  26. Them two done and fucked up big time

  27. Tomlin has one year to turn this thing around, and that ain't throwing him under the bus.. people are fed up with him but I do agree with you on Bell and Brown 100%

  28. Disagree emphatically! talent is talent Ben is a Diva beyond diva's and his character issues are legendary not to mention we now know why they dissed Bell…….. Ben 's contract extension … so its the pot calling the kettle black he don't play for less than 25m a yr does he?

  29. Stair Way to Seven

  30. Omfg his rapping SUCKS DICK!!!!

  31. Heiden himself is a fucking disaster!!!!

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