Mavs Fastbreak with DDP

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  1. Yes thank you people wildly underrate our 2011 ship run we were expected to go two rounds deep tops and then lose to the 62 win spurs with Tim Duncan(this was before the time when the best two teams in a conference met up in the conference finals). But we destroyed all our competition and people twist the story and make it sound like we were supposed to win against the heat but it's just not true we were the underdogs that season even though we had 60 wins.

  2. Whos getting the mle? Devin Harris?

  3. Mavs, get Jalen Brunson as much playing time as possible. This guy is going to be a corner stone player for years for this team.

  4. I think Ray or Kostas coud be the next Capela for this team in the next few seasons. I think we'll see Kleber get more mins at the 4. He doesn't really have any flaws to his game imo. Just needs mins

  5. Barnes will be good at the 4 thus year. He wont get as bullied. And if they get to the rim dj can help. He can guard 1 to 5 okay too so he a good pf this year.

  6. You get access to mavericks and we make a deal for money to teach mavericks lockdown 3 point defense we can guarantee a 5 point increase in point difference and +/-

    Collin 469-408-2844

    Want to see mavericks Winning this season dirk may only have few more chances for ring

  7. I think we definitely should trade for a PF. If Carmelo chooses the heat we could try to trade for James Johnson but he's really getting old so I think we could try to trade for Al-Farouq Aminu from the trailblazers or Jordan bell, the second year from the warriors.

  8. Ray Spalding is a defensive minded pf/c we drafted him because he gets a lot of blocks and can run the rim because we didn't draft Bamba.

  9. Don't worry about Cuban at least you didn't pass on drafting Giannis just to fail at signing Dwight Howard a few years after choosing to not resign Steve Nash like a tard.

  10. I honestly think if we offered deandre jordan $18 mil he would have just taken the $24 mil and stayed with the clippers. We're actually only paying him $22.9 mil because Texas has no state income tax so he is still getting more here than if he took the $24.1 mil with the clippers.

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