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The Sports YouTube Community is a community we are thankful to be apart of. There are so many great content creators out there that have inspired us and …


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  1. We apologize for any content creators we did forget to mention in this video. Like we said there are so many more out there and we will have to do this again shouting out many more great content creators that make this community great. If you have any you want to suggest to others please reply to this comment with their links

  2. Thor Seth sent me over here great channel keep it up ?

  3. NFL has become fake news fake outcomes and kneeling I hear there is a replacement coming it compete and push out Goodell and the NFL..I give you the American Football League The AFL..its going to be neutral and constitutionally protected from fake fans,protesters,activist and phony hateful actors..can't wait!?DA AFL!!!?

  4. You guys should collab with NothingbutNiners!! Great people!

  5. I heard you like when ur videos get flagged

  6. MEntioned me as a Mod Squad Member, I only noticed just before the NFL Season begins. I will see you again for the 2019 NFL Season. Peace and Boston is King of Sports Cities in this Century: 10 Championships (6 Patriots, 4 Red Sox) since January 2002? AMAZING!

  7. Otto Porter Jr. to the bulls

  8. You guys do baseball? ⚾️

  9. What you think about lakers Anthony Davis trade I’m not sure is the right fit for lebron James

  10. Just watched this whole video again just such an awesome video guys!! And as always STAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND UP HAHAHAHHA

  11. Also Mark Holmes is a really good cowboys youtuber I would reccomend checking him out

  12. I make content… just not YouTube. Rodney Dangerfield voice "Hey ha. I get no respect." Unsubbed again. Also, I faked every orgasm.

  13. Your right Adrian from Bitter Birds is probably most underrated channel. That dude deserves a million subs and his own freakin network

  14. Joey The Truth Wagner made the Top 40!! Nice!! Bone Crusher & A Bomb in 2019. Look out Joey we're coming in hot! The ATL Braves get their first reaction show this season. Stoked bra!

  15. Wow shout out to you guys!!! Your the Goats!!!! This is all class to do. The best thing about this YouTube thing is been building of friendships with people. Josh you have become a close friend, you to Shawn I’m so honored to have met you guys. Thank you.

  16. You guys are awesome man… so glad I came across you guys… seriously great channel ran by even greater guys! Glad I could share this hobby with my father.

  17. Hey guys, remember one day you were on twitch and you said you check out a guys YouTube channel. Well, I’m the guy that asked if you could check me out. I love what you guys do, YOU ROCK! I’m not trying to sound like an idiot and a guy that promotes everyone to subscribe to my channel. I just wanted to say that you said you check me out, and I want ask I’d you ever did? I love what you guys do, you guys are a top 10 sports channel 100 percent.

  18. I really love you guys! Great role models for all youtube creators! I'm flattered to be mentioned in this video!

  19. Shout out to all the content creator's your all GOATS and ARTISTS,Your hard work is shown always#SportsFuryFamily?

  20. I am a sports content creator and you guys were the reason why i wanted to start on youtube.

  21. Best guys on YouTube for sure. #RN4L #Raiders #Respect

  22. any chance you do the first Alliance of American Football stream?

  23. Yall look like 40 year old virgins?

  24. I enjoy sports fury and watch it all I can. Yall are great! You re right about Philly 500. My son and I are huge lifelong Eagles fans and thinking about starting an Eagles/sports channel. 5 said anything we need just hit him up with questions. Philly is a great dude with interesting content mixed with great humor. King dingbat is #1 on you tube and you guys right after. Keep up the good work guys.
    Fly Eagles Fly!!!

  25. Love you guys! Thanks for squeezing us in there! Means a lot!!

  26. You two are awesome. Thanks for being you. I honestly look up to you guys in the YouTube game. Dilly dilly fellas! Can't wait to meet you both in person!

  27. Thanks for the shoutout guys! Love working with you both, and by the way, your sub base and followers are awesome!

  28. Shoutout to all those great content creators…. Dilly Dilly!!!

  29. @sportfury if you want to see another sports creator ,check out joezfly channel. He awesome and knows his sports knowledge

  30. You really know how to make someone smile man. I truly appreciate this! I’m so glad I found you guys, and all the people who are giving me a chance. Thank you! Hope to do something together in the future.

  31. I got the first shoutout :') thanks so much fellas I appreciate all you guys have done y'all are for sure the most influential sports YouTubers on the platform I feel like you guys paved the way for all the other live streamers out there! Keep it up guys I can't wait to see yall hit 100K!

  32. Thanks for the shout guys. You have shouted alot of good video makers. Alot I know. I will Sub the others . I love your channel . thanks for all the kind words. Me get people talking lol. Maybe just a little bit ??

  33. Every youtubers is amazing!!!!!!

  34. @SPORTFURY what up Josh and Shawn. You made me feel welcome on your stream when I come in and I appreciate that. Ty. U guys are awesome

  35. Yessir thanks for everything you guys do! Best guys on the tube!??

  36. Norb is my number one!!!!!!!! I absolutely love this guy. Thanks for shouting him out!!!!!! (I’m actually surprised he f***s with you) ? GO HAWKS

  37. Oh, one more thing, thank you guys for shouting Chris, I LOVE working with him. He's an amazing video maker! So glad I have the opportunity to work with him consistently!
    We see the fun the you guys have, and I'm glad we seem to have that chemistry

  38. You should have Brandon Perna on in a picking collab next year!

  39. The Sports Community here on YouTube of course isn’t just the content creators. It’s all of you who watch, comment, and participate in the live streams. A lot of you have even become good friends to us all. We are nothing without all of you and we thank you for the love & support. This community is truly special and we are truly grateful to be apart of it ?

  40. Just went down the list and subbed to each and every one of these guys..

  41. You guys NEEED to collab with Urinating Tree. He is funny as shit

  42. Wow! Just read the description. I can't believe I inspired this video!

    I can never thank you guys enough for EVERYTHING you've done for me on YouTube! Love you fellas!
    I'll take it easy on you in the boot camp! ????.

    And, I cannot wait for this Dream Stream! That is gonna be so much fun!!!!!

  43. Glad I didn't wait until lunch to watch that other video, because now I can watch this (That's if I don't sneak it in at work, right now! ?????)

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