The Butt Fumble, Mark Sanchez's greatest legacy, deserves a deep rewind | Jets – Patriots 2012

We all remember where we were when we first saw the butt fumble. With his NFL career already gaining heavy downward momentum, Mark Sanchez put a big …


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  1. This REALLY should be called ‘The Bumble’! butt=bum…it is SO obvious, it writes itself!

  2. Slippery meat ball. Best joke on sb nation to date.

  3. Sanchez is still in the NFL. Now he's stinking it up for the Redskins.

    Actually, he is not the first player to butt-fumble. The Cowboys did it first… they just weren't on national TV at the time.

  4. Very entertaining video, thank you, I personally do not like that the focus is so firmly on the 'butt fumble'. This game contains the most concentrated period of abject incompetence by a team in NFL history. And it was barely over a minute on the game clock. We tend to forget the it was a hard fought, tight game up to that point. And then… At 10.05 left from the second quarter, the Jets had the ball in field goal range. The score was 7-0 to the Patriots. By the time the game clock wound down to 8.51, the score had changed to 28-0, and the game was effectively over. In those 1 minute and 14 seconds, the Jets committed three egregious turnovers (the 'butt fumble' being one of them) that all led to TDs for their opponents. In that period, the Patriots had one single offensive play: an 83-yard TD pass to Vereen. That allowed the Jets defence to demonstrate that they could be just as incompetent as the offence and the special team. They left a running lane completely open for Vereen on the sideline. Sanchez should not be the sole face of this debacle.

  5. Tebow is god you fool

  6. "Why is he running to that butt?" I just had to research this post Jets collapse.

  7. Of course Rex Ryan would mention Sanchez's feet…

  8. 4:45 And Rex Ryan knows great feet when he licks them….I mean sees them.

  9. If Tim Tebow was playing that game the butt fumble will never be famous thx u Rex Ryan & Sanchez

  10. This is a rhetorical question, butt, is the 'butt-fumble' the most hilarious play in NFL history? ROFLMAO!

  11. I remember watching that game on Thanksgiving 2012 me and my family watch the game until we solve Mark Sanchez got hit by his player called the butt fumble we laugh and I almost choked up eating pumpkin pie

  12. 'Rex said they saw great feet' well hes the expert!

  13. Heh naturally u cant mention tebow without a clip of skip bayless licking his ass

  14. You guys should do a Rewinder on the '96 Summer Olympics Women's Gymnastics Team Finals!

  15. “Why is he headed straight for that butt?”


  16. It's weird seeing this play without a sound effect when Shanchez hits the butt. The one urinatingtree uses.

  17. This episode is only good because of the massive amounts of sarcasm.

  18. Going for it on 4 & 1 in field goal range at about the 30 is actually a pretty good and reasonable idea. Assuming you can run block.

  19. Does Sanchez actually work at a Chik-fil-a now

  20. watch hard knocks 2011. Featuring the Jets. You will see the team unfold

  21. 7:00 The ref seems to celebrate.

  22. Smh Mark Sanchez should be deleted literally like an old folder long and forgotten

  23. 2:30 In actuality, it is hilarious! Down 14=0, the Jets run a play exactly from the Raiders playbook in Tecmo Bowl. And to make it worse, it was the run designed for Marcus Allen…and not BO!!!! Shoot me!

  24. “…And why is he heading straight for that butt?” ???

  25. Though I’m sure you have plenty of ideas , I think a deep rewind on Jose’s bat flip HR would be wicked !

  26. Hol hol hol up butt fumble

  27. This was funny!! The start Americas heartland E.R. New Jersey ?????????? he doesn't work in a fast food his net worth is 35 million nice try tho

  28. The "awww" by the crowd when he fumbled was epic. It was the sound of all hope for Sanchez being but fumbled out.

  29. Rex said "They saw great feet" ???

  30. I LOVE this guy's demeanor. ??

  31. Your tone make you sound like a jets fan. ??

  32. Should do one on, "The Miracle at the Meadowlands."

  33. "and why was he headed straight for that butt?" lmao

  34. this vid is so hilariously deadpan and salty. Matt Leinart's "long and fruitful career in the NFL" cracks me up every time

  35. "…caught off guard by the act of defense" … brilliant

  36. Now i want chic fallà

  37. trasero a tope

  38. I think people forget just how bought in Jets were on Sanchez. yeah they brought in Tim Tebow but the 2012 Jets also had their eyes on another target. Peyton Manning. this was after Peyton had his neck surgery and sat out that entire year and then got cut since Colts were going to get Andrew Luck. and yeah Jets were in it and then finally took themselves out of that race once they signed Sanchez to a long term extension and then they signed Tebow once Peyton joined Denver forcing the Tebow trade.

  39. I went to bed moments before and remember thinking that the Jets were playing really good. I don’t know if it already happened, or if it just happened, but I feel like it was at the moment

  40. thats a slippery meatball!

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