Owen Hart's Final Day: A POST Profile Audio Documentary

John Pollock goes back to May 23rd, 1999, the night Owen Hart tragically passed away in Kansas City, Missouri. In this special audio documentary, we speak to …


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  1. Got to speed it up. Don't want to waste that extra 20 seconds unhooking owen safely.

  2. Who is speaking at the 31:00 mark, the person who gives up Owen's belongings to Shane and Stephanie and is asked to leave the building?

  3. Bret actually said if he was still in WWE, he could have prevented his death. Given his star power backstage, he could have prevent owen from doing the stupid stunt.

  4. OMG who died???

  5. Wow thank you for putting this together!!!!!!

  6. It angers me it wasn’t even meant to be shown on the live tv so what was the point of it. Just sad and tragic

  7. I agree w the crime scene comments, this seems too sketchy to be an accident. Nothing by the book, to keep the show going is insane

  8. Poor stu and Helen I don’t think it’s any coincidence that both of them died within five years of this event. They had s storybook life raising that legendary family and to have the closing five years be that dramatic and hurtful is a real tragedy

  9. Wow the honkeytonk man actually tried to convince people that saw him die up close that this was just a work. HTM thinks everything is a work. Someone should tell him his HOF induction was just a work

  10. This could have been avoided, this is sad even after 20 years. R.I.P Owen, you should still be here

  11. I was in 1st grade when this happened

  12. Very well done. Glad you took the time to pay tribute to Owen.

  13. I wish this was never made because it would mean Owen would still be alive. However, this was great content and a reminder of a great man and performer. I feel for the Hart family.

  14. What if WWE and The McMahon Family are mafia related with FBI/CIA connections and if Owen Harts death wasn't accidental. Just high thoughts lol

  15. Solomonster Sounds Off brought me here… RIP Owen

  16. Absolutely heartwrenching to hear the stories of those who were there that day. Great work telling Owen's story.

  17. The spanish announce team version of that show you hear the impact and them start freaking out

  18. I was watching this ppv live. I was 16 years old at the time. Owen was one of my favorite at the time .Ill admit I cried uncontrollably during the RAW the next night. RIP Owen. Thanks for making this Pollock.

  19. I remember getting online to check the results of the show and every article was about Owen. I seriously thought it was a work. The next morning Headline News reported it and it was in my local newspaper. When Nitro mentioned it I knew it was real. The Raw is Owen show was so surreal. That was a bad day

  20. Owen and Bret>Rest Of The Harts

  21. Owen was great ..king of harts and his tag team with Davy boy Smith and Yoko . Funniest thing is when the Hart foundation reformed Owen crying when bret says he loves him ..it's 1997 raw is war . should find the clip on here

  22. So according to treigh Lindstrom the fan, McMahon threatened Owen to either do the stunt or be fired which wouldn't surprise me one bit, we will never truly know what went through Owens mind that day and how confused and nervous McMahon and his stooges must have made him. LIARS

  23. I love you Owen Hart God bless your family

  24. The only good thing was at least his fall wasn't broadcast. Not that brings him back. RIP Owen.

  25. And the show went on

  26. A class act (as always) John. This was really well produced. You didn't take a side, or bash anyone. Just presented the facts, and interviews. True journalism at it's best. Much respect to you sir ☺

  27. I wanna know why he ain’t in the hall of fame

  28. I feel you can debate forever whether or not it was necessary for him to have descended from the roof. There are plenty of risks associated with what they do to put on a show. Austin driving the zamboni, or beer truck, through the arena entrance could have killed or injured multiple people if the jumbotron broke off while it was dragged from the bottom. There are plenty of other things as well. I'm currently watching on WWE network the attitude era and recently watched the Raw after this event. Very sad. I wish they had found a better character or storyline to use for him and his talent. He had a lot left to give and was a good soul.

  29. Wayne Farris is an idiot.

  30. At his death time his son was 7 and daughter was 3 but she was turning 4 in sept 1999

  31. Classic Vince McMahon , threatening Owen into doing the stunt that killed him. It's also worth noting that McMahon was punishing Owen by having him do the Blue Blazer gimmick. Owen had refused to do an angle where he would have an affair with Debra. The squeaky clean Blue Blazer character was McMahon's way of making fun of Owen.

  32. Man, this was a great, well-produced documentary.

  33. I'll never forget watching that PPV. Up until that point I had been watching professional wrestling for about six years. Owen was one of my favorites and I also favored him over Bret. The following issue of WWE magazine had an amazing tribute dedicated to Owen, one page showed Owen standing on the turnbuckle and the page was blue, it stood out from the rest. I tore it out of the magazine and cut it to size to fit in a frame and I still have it to this day. I was ten when Owen passed away. May he always rest in peace. He will never be forgotten.

  34. Owens son is 26 yrs old and her daughter 24 right now. They can give the consent to induct Owen int he HoF regardless if Martha Hart does not agree.

  35. WWE never recovered. Soon they will be gone for good


  37. God damn Vince Russo.

  38. Lol bless Owen, notoriously as cheap as Mick Foley, thinking nothing of hitching a free ride off a fan. Saving all his money for his family and his retirement, something he never got to experience 🙁

  39. What’s with the music. It’s bad.

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