How I made my first KSh 1M: Sonko explains source of his billions

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko says he owns over 200 vehicles and has pieces of land worth billions of shillings. Subscribe to NTV Kenya channel for latest …


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  1. Can the governor account…really

  2. jamaa ameua time hata habumui ?

  3. Hop jaguar will never watch this video, eti aliimba na slibus by the way how many times did he said my Wife i am dead ????

  4. Journalist sonko is a man enough to get this money

  5. Like I know he's a good guy there was a fire around my house and he came out to help he has helped Nairobi but watching this interview made me feel like sonko was showing off his money….. subconsciously flexing ?
    " I'm not rich. I'm not poor. but I'm wealthy"…

  6. ???? show the mikee… I love this

  7. I'll bet you he got most if not all of it some Chinese bribery

  8. Petty politics how is this helping nairobians taunting your wealth

  9. Jeff where are you? ?

  10. Haha, Sonko akikuita Jeff unaitika tu..

  11. Guy is legit, let's be honest

  12. The takeaways out of this topic "buy vacat plots"

  13. "People footing for me instead of voting

  14. Dj Khaleed is suing for proprietary rights for the use of 'another one'

  15. Who is Jeff? Sonko umechanganikiwa buda nata hata hujaulizwa Swahili. Hii interview hata wangi kuweka beke yako ufanya interview

  16. sonko anatupima kwani uko interview ama uko ICC unachipendeza

  17. Sonko haha hahahahaha ? you kill the time.

  18. The reporter is laughing ? for what? Hahahahaha ?

  19. What is your plan after you die?

  20. Millionaires have short life.

    • Stress
    • debt
    • Anxiety
    • work
    • Healthy
    • Bills
    • Tired ?
    • sick ?
    • overtime
    • Fear
    • No time
    • Headache ?
    • Dread
    • Time Management
    • Job
    • Stress
    • No sleep ?
    • worry
    • Overdue
    • Late Time
    • Late payments.

  21. Everytime he says is watching ????????????????????????????????????????

  22. Hardwork pays, charity increase the wealth,

  23. Sonko anapenda bibi yake
    He mentions her he transfers all properties he says incase one of his many past girlfriends shows up
    Slay queen hamna chenu hapa
    Meanwhle subscrbe ,my channel for fuunny clips

  24. Mijungu is right ..this are new generation logbook

  25. Pathological liar. Even pablo escobar had title deeds and log books under his name you moron

  26. 3:50 one matatu 40,000 a day? Uwongo mtupu. A “nganya” has 33 seats & charge on Eastlands route on average was 50 back then. Remember, there’s not just one matatu in that route. Meaning there’s a line up of first come first serve basis. No way on earth he’d make 40,000 a day. He a pathological liar.

  27. I used to have a lot of girlfriends that's why may properties are in my wife's name.

  28. its funny Kenyans are being amazed at this and all this money is dirty, and the youth will still say hakuna kazi, hakuna kazi juu ya watu kama hawa, fuck off and vote better next time

  29. Letting a business man sit in a high office is bad for politics, "conflict of interest" is a thing! And the host can do a better job than that, he simply let the governor take over and never asked any grilling questions what a shame!

  30. Kama hutak stress aky baki kua maskini tu. La sivyo basi chunga, usirushe hadi risiti ya chochote juu utakuja ulizwa tu wapi ulianzia hadi ulipofikia… Mavi sana

  31. It's true Mr Sonko shares his wealth. Firstly he ferried my late Bother's Body from Kakamega to Mombasa within 24 hours after he suddenly passed away for which I will forever be grateful. Furthermore he was personally calling to check and update us of the journey. Secondly I know of our neighbour whom Sonko paid 50 million shillings for her cancer treatment. He did that even though the lady was not even around his political area of interest. Respect MR Mbuvi Allah Bless you and your Kind Family.

  32. He shud b president

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