COWBOYS NEWS: Ezekiel Elliott Gets Into Trouble Once Again… What's Going On?!?!

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  1. It’s official we can no longer say dak needs zeke. Zeke needs dak

  2. Let the Kap stuff go, he hasn't played in years.

  3. Stop being dramatic

  4. Explain how hes in trouble?? He wasn't arrested and didnt commit a crime..

  5. Man that sux. ZEKE C'mon

  6. With or without Zeke I have faith Dak can lead us the Super Bowl

  7. One more incident and Zeke’s career will hang in the balance.

  8. lol. Still completely clueless on how to build a top offense.

    A Zeke focused offense is a crap offense. Get that into your thick fanboy head.

    The Zeke focused offense was Scott Linehan's creation after losing Romo and the Romo-focused offense.

    Patriots have never had a franchise RB offense. Patriots are worried about a RB getting suspended or Brady gets injured.

    Emitt Smith had a great passing QB and good OL and looked after his body with smart running. He behaved himself and had a long career.

    Cowboys should have never drafted Zeke in 2016 but the best D player available Linehan would have properly coached Dak for a BALANCED offense with the RBs he had and not have been reliant on a franchise RB to make him look good.

    Now Zeke is misbehaving and you are a little concerned about how this may affect the team There would be no concerns if the cowboys offense was BALANCED with a solid OL and a well coached QB running the offense behind that solid OL.

    Cowboys must not give Zeke a long term contract. Reinforce the OL, properly coach Dak as a prolific passer, and get a couple of decent cheap RB to share the duties and get rid of Zeke.

    Dak deserves $30 million a year … after three years of crap coaching in Linehan's crap Zeke focused offense.

    Jimmy G got $27 million after 4 seasons of great coaching from the Patriots that traded Brady's backups in the same season.

    Dak is going to get better and has at least another 12 years left in the NFL assuming the coaching and playcalling improves.

    Zeke is just going to be Zeke, has only played well when the OL is playing well, is taking a tone of abuse, and will unlikely be a starter in 6 years time.

    lol. Hoping and praying Zeke will behave himself. I wonder why? I wonder why the Patriots aren't worried about any of their RBs being suspended or even if their 40 year old slow moving QB gets injured.

    Learn from the Patriots how to build a great offense and develop a late round developmental QB


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