What Ever Happened To Jason Lawrence? (2016)

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  1. Now I know where Hudson deegan got his number from

  2. Let’s be honest, Ryan villoptos bitch ass flipped his bike in to Jason @3:16 therefore he enticed the fight… RV has always been a little bitch, met him once and he was a uptight little fagget lol

  3. Does anyone know the real reason why we haven’t seen him in a long time

  4. My dad smoked Jason in k rock on a kx80 my dad's friend hates him a d he also beat him .

  5. Kid was always a little brat

  6. What a waste of talent.

  7. wonder what would happen if he tried stuffing ONE PUNCH Tyler Evens…

  8. It all comes down to money and backing

  9. Drugs and pussy guessing

  10. He is bad for dirt bike racing. He should try hockey maybe.

  11. P O S…………………

  12. Lawrence shook it up total badass plus I didn’t like villipoto . It’s probably to late for a comeback . Better fit would of been metal militia maybe

  13. 28,000 views hes history

  14. so…. look at the evidence. Ryan slams into J-Law then proceeds to purposely fling his bike at his head. ya i would fucking throw hands too. i hate Ryan man. personally one of the dirtiest riders out there.

  15. Hot head idiot. Blew it!

  16. He’s a dirty ass rider🤷🏼‍♂️, shouldn’t be allowed to race

  17. Everyone hates on James Stewart and J-Law for being so dam naturally talented. Respect them for the things they had accomplished and not for what else they could have achieved. Legends in the sport.

  18. So what happened then?

  19. Some of these young guys let their egos get the best of them

  20. R.I.P well all pry for u dude evryone and the other people in the world

  21. Sooooo pretty much he’s a turd.

  22. Who cares he was nothing more than a loud mouthed classless punk who talked a ton of shit and had to ride dirty to compete. good riddance!

  23. He rides again now and is relatively succesful in his career, just isnt near fast enough to be pro anymore, he is off of drugs and living a much better life as far as i know

  24. JL brought so much excitement to every race. He was not a dirty rider, he just didn't take any shit ! He was so close to being the first non little rich boy to whoop all the factory riders!! I always wanted to see him show up to a event with his bike in the back of a pick-up, Take the top step of the podium and then drive away . Imagine if he had the resources those others had ? Imagine him racing against RD & RV every weekend , that would have really been awesome !! Good luck to you JL wherever you are ?

  25. LOOK at his face at 31 seconds that says it all, He is a depressed, angry, bewildered young man…….Guaranteed that his home life was a disaster. …..There are hundreds if not thousands of angry adult men changing oil at Jiffy Lube who have huge talent but never had stable loving family backing like the Dungy -types

  26. Ill tell you what happened, his shit attitude and lack of work ethic made him irrelevant. Thats what you get for being the “bad boy”

  27. Drugs. drugs are what happened to JLAw

  28. What a d bag killed his carer with his punk attitude. The kind of guy you just want to punch. Loved watching him go down in flames as the biggest loser in motocross.

  29. Drugs give zero Fucks who you are or how talented you are. #notevenonce

  30. Jason could have been on top of his game if he would've just stayed focussed instead of turning to drugs and ladies.

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