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Dallas Cowboys 2018 NFC East Champs Gear


  1. Guys honest mistake and sorry we said Joe Montana led the Dolphins to 4 Sb's.. LMAO It was an honest long day mistake…. Go crazy and chirp us in the comments below. But remember everybody is human… LMAO!!!!

  2. He said joe Montana led the Dolphins ?

  3. And you made a mistake Joe Montana led the 49ers the four Super Bowls not the Dolphins get your facts right

  4. Okay let me say I agree with everything you said on here except I'm really surprised the Washington Redskins did not make the list because they are as dysfunctional as any team on this list I should know cuz I was a die-hard Redskin fan

  5. The Cardinals and the Lions should have absolutely made this list.

  6. Bro I didn't know how Montana was on the dolphins

  7. Y’all need to take the Browns off this list. They have a solid foundation in place and will only get better next season.

  8. This mans voice could put me to sleep every night. So smooth ?❤️

  9. Wow tell me when the heck Montana had 8 rings

  10. I hate this guys voice

  11. Before I watch my redskins def got to be on here #firebruceallen

  12. Jesus Justin looks tired in this video

  13. Browns be feeling dangerois right now laughing stock no more

  14. Have to speak for my beloved Raiders!?Yes! you have a point about them being a little off ?! You have the Late Great Al Davis making those picks with him being in his Golden Years. But, he had good reasons, when you have a New GM like Reggie McKenzie fire the last Head Coach Mr. Davis hired before he died in Hue Jackson ( who had that team playing ; they would been prime 4 the play-offs the following year if Mr. Davis was still here!) & replace Coach Jackson with Dennis Allen ( a young defensive backs coach who never head coached a NFL Team in his life?! Also, from the coaching staff of your hated divisional rival The Denver Broncos) is the testament of the fact the man could not trust the people under him & should make wiser choices than what McKenzie had! I am so glad Mark brought back Coach Gruden , got rid of McKenzie, & brought in Mike Mayock as new GM !! The Las Vegas Raiders will be prime for the play-offs by 2020 if now sooner. P.S. Kahil Mack & Amari Cooper were McKenzie boys & not Raider players! Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish ????!!!!

  15. With Leveon Bell and Antonio Brown, the Steelers seem to be joining the ranks of the dysfunctional.

  16. Hey……..give Marvin Lewis time….!!

  17. At 2:40 I don't think Joe Montana and Steve young played for the Dolphins

  18. where are the falcons i’m a falcon fan but we have good players and play like shit

  19. Browns are decent not trash

  20. 3 months ago the browns would make sense at #1. I dont think they belong on this list anymore

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