Should the Dallas Cowboys hold back on giving away Secrets…

Byron Jones talks technique versus Mike Evans : Pro Bowl cornerback Byron Jones is the latest Cowboy to sit down with longtime scout Byran Broaddus in the …


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  1. Always enjoy your shows!

  2. They shouldn’t give up anything!

  3. I agree. Everyone LOVES talking about the Dallas Cowboys. Any bit of info that slips out, it's on CNN seems like it. How come you never hear about what's happening with the Bengals or the Titans or hell even the Patriots? Because those teams don't generate public interest like the Cowboys. They need to be hush hush until the season starts.

  4. Yea I’ve had a problem with this when I saw it

  5. I dont feel like they are giving away secrets.

  6. The Michael Irvin rule can about when he shared too much with John Madden then John turned around and shared it to the world including the referees and they started calling “push off” against him.

  7. Preach brotha Law!!

  8. This should be a lesson learned for the rest of the team. Keep it close to the vest fellas!

  9. This should be a lesson learned for the rest of the team. Keep it close to the vest fellas!

  10. Yes cowboy nation run the mouth too much. I don't see any other team doing this. You don't see the Patriots doing this.

  11. That's old DB training techniques
    It's been known, allowed & penalized for years now

    I don't foresee anything major to happen because of that change that allows "cat-figting" between WR & DB

    I cringe on much info given out on our players strengths & weaknesses
    Example :
    Dlaw's arsenal of moves
    Dak's poor. mechanics etcs
    CWill's being undersized & flaws

    Our critiquing &.praise of our players can & will be used by foes to study as well

    If you have a national audience
    And you guys in fact do
    The material that's put out is fair game for all

    Another example :
    Kellen Moore's gonna implement the Boise State offense etc
    (True or False)
    Now DC's will go back & study Kellen Moore's college film in advance
    We've lost just that much of an advantage

    Feel me?

    Excellent point Law Nation

    Yet, that's why I love Belichek, Dougy P, etc type silence & avoiding any specifics

    Thanx Law

  12. You get nothing but love in here . I was 46th 👍🏼 and zero 👎🏼 u don’t get the trolls up in here cuz u keep it real and unbiased 🤘🏼 keep up the work Lawnation

  13. Yeah you said it Bruh! Law Nation see Cowboys winning NFC Championship Game in Philadelphia. No better place to make a statement about Dhem Boyz’s

  14. Yes because Dallas has an avg head coach and is predictable. Last season a good 5 6 games came down to late 4th qtr situations and head coach made riskier play calling most situations. He never did this before so manybe he finally learning. But overall our head coach and or staff will call predictable plays and other team will be ready.

  15. The DBS are DEFINITELY a weakness on this team. There were so many opportunities for interceptions and our two corners had ONE….

  16. Smh, here we go, when will we learn. Everyone has their eyeballs on us ALL THE TIME!! Good or bad. Let's keep some things to ourselves, geez!

  17. My Lord Law!……Preach! Got me standing up clappin!

  18. This is just stupid to do….. I understand the attention keeps us relevant, but c'mon….. The team needs to keep something for just "The Team"……

  19. Paxton Lynch is a good back qb for dak

  20. Absolutely Law, as the old saying goes "don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing."

  21. We need to be smarter in all of our media outlets, guys like BB are just looking for a good story to enhance their own credibility.

  22. That will kill us in our attempt at a big run for the Superbowl.

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