Having a Luo father and Kipsigis mother was fantastic, Joyce Laboso's son

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  1. God Bless this Blessed family.

  2. I don't know who else feels this but this family is just adorable and Joyce's beauty, humility and humanity has been revealed in her exit. I loved her persona but now more than ever I adore her

  3. Shine ur way our mum,

  4. True Fred not all the people have that mother or father figure in their lives,but we thank God.

  5. Shine on your way Joyce your good deeds will always remain in our minds

  6. Nilisikia huyu mtoto wake alikuwa gay huko Australia

  7. Brian rusungu kudos

  8. That's how you eulogise, not talking about mipango ya kando. Mature,genuine and to the point.

  9. A very wonderful family I say

  10. 😭😭😭😭

  11. sorry. BUT the mourners were only taking eulogies of earthly things. Nothing was like related to the tangible gospel of our LORD JESUS. Iam not saying the family is agnostic and infidel. the Bible says in what u do, u eat u say do it to the glory of God.

  12. Why are they all laughing at a funeral?

  13. Am kalenjini from Bomet also but no man kalenjini can talk a good English like Laboso even kids Kisungu kimeiva thats Luos bana,Rip mum

  14. Rest in peace mum

  15. you did not like omena, it is full of Omega 3

  16. oookay now i understand why this mans english is so deep

  17. R.i.P Joyce laboso

  18. God will comfort u…Rip governor

  19. May her soul rest in perfect peace

  20. shine on yyour way mama

  21. But you still ugly as hell darkshort and ugly as hell

  22. 13:30 who can guess what UK and WSR are chatting about?

  23. Resembles Ababu Namwamba

  24. Very strong family,,rip mamaa you left your legacy through your able children's,,,

  25. So emotional may the lord be with them

  26. Very moving tributes…RIP Joyce…

  27. Take heart and may God strengthen family members and friends at large

  28. Rip Dr Laboso!such a great couples you were!

  29. Handsome boys there,pity i don't have a daughter!RIP Laboso went to school with a kid sister i think her name wad Pracsedice i think.

  30. rest in peace mama

  31. It's a rare opportunity to have such bright brains as a family around you rip hon Governor

  32. Every time I watch this clip I shed tears 'cause it reminds me what I went through in 2014 when I lost my dear wife, leaving behind two daughters & a son. Its painful to watch such in the presence of other people because somehow the tears keep coming and flowing down my cheek. This Abonyo & Laboso family is admirable in every sense of the word.
    And to you Abonyo, God will see you through all these. You have stood by your wife from A to Z, and God will reward you for this.

  33. Yap the 1brn is very courage !laboso shine ur wy

  34. Edwin, you are a very strong man you make me cry ,be strong like that

  35. The family is well educated

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