IEBC has never verified Punguza Mizigo's 1.2M signatures – Otiende || AM Live

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  1. Wanjiko is the Punda.
    BBI IS A CARROT being used again with the dynasty boys and their sycophants. Shame on all these politicians.
    Kenyans punguza mzigo we need to sort these thieves out once and for all.

  2. Tutapitisha punda yetu kimchezo tu

  3. Most Kenyan voters don’t value integrity and competence in choosing their leaders.We changed the old constitution to remove a retiring Moi sometimes without even reading. Today, many think the new push is about top leadership structures .Indeed it’s the ignorance of a Kenyan voter who promotes and glorifies the corrupt, tribalism,nepotism and all vices

  4. The Luo politicians are dying for BBI because it seeks to create a position for their boss RAO. Bure kabisa punguza mizigo

  5. The truth of the matter is that Ekuru Aukot’s proposed bill is shallow,it does not demonstrate how it can achieve what the bill proposes.

  6. This Punguza mizigo thing is shallow, hollow,pedestrian and populist and it does not address the core governance issues affecting our country….

  7. Kenya does not belong to Uhuru and Raila.

  8. Wakenya msidanganywe, these politicans are scared to lose their jobs.

  9. This Omolo dude only supports opinions that support his bias. Now he claims that Duale is making sense just because he ( Duale) seems to support State Capture by the BBI architects.

  10. I really had faith in Hon. Otiende Amollo but he has failed us.

  11. What does the normal wanjiku lose if we were to merge some constituencies? At the end of the day it is the politicians fearing for their own seats. Let the constituencies be reduced and so the MPs as well.

  12. A day is coming when we will be forced to kick these people out of those positions physically. wakenya tumechoka. We dont need 1,500 MCAs and 47 governor 47 senators, 500 mps, 47 women reps, in this country. for what?

  13. All these people including Otiende and Duale are not good people. They are all cheap wakoras. They dont want anything to help us. Punguza Mzigo lazima.

  14. Where is the whole program like you used to post …

  15. If the IEBC has the power to reduce wards, it has the power to increase as well. There4, i do not agree with Mr. Otiende that if the constituencies are reduced then "automatically " , wards will reduce. Punguza Mzigo was smart in using the county boundaries, everyone already us within the boundaries. But, they should have eliminated the Senate and remain only with parliament, 1 man 1 woman as mp.

  16. Reduce the useless Governors who are stealing money and use the money to build classrooms for the children who are using mud Buildings and do not have Desks to sit on it is so sad this see such things in Kenya

  17. Whether the signatures were verified or not, Kenyans are in support of it 500%…this mpigs should go back to their shaggz wakalime. Mmerundikana parliament and all you do is increase your salaries whenever you feel like.

  18. Amolo we support punguza mizigo because it gives power back to the people at the lowest governing units. And it's al lie that reducing constituencies necessarily reduces number of wards. Constituencies have no set number of wards. We will punguza mzigo like it or not

  19. Give Otiende 90% of airtime. The rest10%

  20. Amolo, The people are been given an alternative from constituency to ward level. The constitution that proposed reducing constituency from 210 to 140 and people refused was because they were not given an alternative. Now go around and ask people would they rather have wards as the centers of development or constituencies. Amolo is full of rhetoric. Yes, Kenyas national assembly is too big and needs to be reduced. We have an assembly as big as USA. How can one justify that. Amolo is just defending Raila.

  21. When all you have are the technicalities of the bill but not content then you know Aukot is winning

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