1. I think Dallas has one of the best teams since 2014. Dak can win games. This guy has taken the cowboys to the playoffs more times than romo. He needs his money but I will say this, dak needs to fucking ball it out this season. He just needs to.

  2. it was i who told some fellow Dallas fans ,that zeke would be the highest paid running back ,and is the best player on the team.when some fans get all emotional and dont see football in big picture mode .keep urselves inside the little box squids.. .where are u slaps who were saying,''forget zeke''..dont let ur wife do ur football thinking for u. SHE is no match for me….lets get this straight…jj may own them…but THE DALLAS COWBOYS IS,MY,TEAM…DALLAS COWBOYS4VR

  3. Zeke is family. I don’t like the way it went down and we can talk about him but non family can’t. Law we have to lock up Dak next then Coop.

  4. Ezekiel Elliot agrees to 6 year/ $90M contract extension with Cowboys to become NFLs highest paid RB. He will be at practice today getting ready with reat of the team preparing for September 8th game against the New York Giants.

  5. Collins' contract was the worst signing that Dallas has had in a while. I get the thought process but I believe they missed on this one because he has not been a great tackle. I think Dallas would have been better off to target a rookie next season to replace him on a much cheaper contract and letting Collins walk. He is the weakest link on what looks like an all pro line because Williams looks very impressive, is getting stronger and with Travis and Tron next to him should be dominate as well.

  6. Dak Prescott play-out his rookie contract

  7. You said now that he has his money. Did he sign?

  8. Dak and Cooper had a whole offseason and camp together to build chemistry. Gallup will make a 2nd year leap. Randall Cobb is a slight upgrade to Cole Beasley if he can stay healthy. Fredbeard is back. Connor Williams is bigger and better than before. And, last but not least, Zeke is gonna sign and he'll be in full game shape by week 3. LVE is gonna make a 2nd year jump. Jaylon Smith is 100% back to elite form. The D-line is deep and talented. The secondary is deep and talented. This team has a top 5 offense and a top 5 defense. There is no reason a Super Bowl is out of reach. Dem boyz are ready!

  9. Goff just got 110 million. What is Dak going to get now?

  10. i would pay Dak first . Goeff just got payed 134 Million

  11. Elliot is not in football shape . i would't play him right now .we really don't need him until we play the saints

  12. Shout out from ATX hope all is good Law but zeke needs to stop playing with are emotions

  13. I highly expect the Giants to take Cooper and Gallup out of the game. That leaves Dak to hit the TE, RB chaeckdowns, and get Randall Cobb involved. Run Pollard and , hopefully, Zeke enough to get defenders off Cooper and Gallup. I expect a low scoring affair. A game that may come down to our kicker. And that is a concern. I'll be in Arlington this weekend. I am pumped and ready to kick this off and get this fight started. Ring that bell. let's RUMBLE. COWBOYS

  14. Pay Dak next he deserves it he’s the leader of the team. Let’s Go Cowboys

  15. Elliot bout to demolish you and the giants 😂

  16. Where THERE IS SMOKE I'm sure there's FIRE

  17. Good EVENING LAW!!! I really appreciate COLLINS great play I just want those penalties to go away with him getting this extension…

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